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I want resumable downloads that work! :( I've been downloading a file, accidentally quit the app, then started the app again. The 'Downloads' window shows the file, but clicking on 'Resume' does not actually resume... it merely starts the download from the beginning. I'm pretty sure that resumable downloads should work after quit - thought I had seen other browsers do this?

Most annoying if had been downloading a large file. This is pretty easy situation to find yourself in, as I can't see any option to warn on quit (when a download is in progress).

If this is possible to implement, I highly suggest the omniweb team do so. I'm disappointed this wasn't done for the 5.5 release, as suggestion about at least implementing the 'warn on quit' feature were around before the release I believe.

I've been using Omniweb for quite some time and this is without doubt the number 1 feature that needs to be implemented IMHO. I'm amazed that something so obvious has gone unfixed for so long. Please Omniweb team... fix this annoyance.

There's an existing thread that touches somewhat on this topic... and suggestions here make some sense. Sorry if this regarded as a repost.

If other users feel the same way I do... please post to this thread with your opinions.

I particularly look forward to Omni's reply to this post. :)
We went to a lot of work to get resumable downloads working back in the 5.0/5.1 timeframe. Unfortunately we lost all that work when switching to 5.5 since we switched over to Apple's downloading code. I don't know if there is something we aren't doing correctly or if Apple's code is not correct, but if you give an example of a publicly available download that should resume but doesn't we will definitely add it to our bug database and try to get it fixed.
Here's an example of a link that wont resume if you have accidentally quit the application.

Looks like you need to click on 'accept' at page bottom to start the DL.

I could understand not being able to resume if there's a technical limitation in regards to that particular circumstance... Please note the resume also DOES NOT work as expected in normal circumstances using this link either (ie - without a quit being involved). It's like some sort of timeout is involved. When a significant amount of time has passed, the resume feature ceases to function.... and it appears to begin the download from scratch... just like if you quit and tried it. By significant, I left it alone for 5 minutes, it may take less time to stop functioning as expected.

In any case..... please put a selectable warning inside 'download preferences', so that you can choose to have omniweb bug you that a download(s) cannot be resumed after a quit (or simply that a download is in progress if you can get your proposed fix to work). You should not be able to quit unless you click OK on the warning (or alternatively you can click cancel to NOT quit....)

It has to be said, your response is why people love omniweb and stick with this application. A software developer that actually listens to the users, who would have thought :D

Last edited by Bruce; 2006-10-05 at 06:43 PM..
Was there ever a solution to this?
Iíve had the same situation a few times. The latest with

If I accidentally quit OmniWeb, downloads are always started from the beginning.

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