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Like most folks, I often have my priorities set by someone else (i.e. boss). At least once per week we meet and review my assigned tasks. Usually, she will want to control the order in which I complete the tasks.

What I can't figure out how to do is leave the boss' office with the actions in Omnifocus containing some information to indicate the order in which I should do them. Note, that when they get done is not as important as the order in which they get done.

If all the tasks were in the same project, I think I could just drag them into the proper order; however, the tasks are spread across multiple projects. I prefer to keep them arranged into the various projects such that I can continue to see the big picture of each project.

Any suggestions?
I'm struggling with a similar issue: how do I get a view across different projects of what are the highest priority actions? I'll ask it along with yours because I think our answers may be the same.

I have hundreds of projects (work, personal, home maintenance, etc.). I have a couple dozen projects for work (one for each customer, one for each vendor, each with possible next actions).

But how can I recognize (see in one place) the 5 or 10 highest priority actions I need to be focusing on? They are spread around so many different projects and folders I can't keep track of them. The document I have to write for one customer, the letter I have to write for another vendor, etc.

They don't have hard deadlines so I can't review by date. There are so many spurious actions that I don't want to see when I'm looking at a list of next actions ("order new pencils" is not equivalent to "write report").

The solution I am using is to flag the items, but I can't sort/prioritize those.

What else should I try?
Do you use the duration field? If not, you could use it as your priority field for your actions. Bring up the Flagged perspective. Now go through and assign duration estimates from 1m to 10m as your priority values on the flagged actions. When you are ready to work, bring up a context mode view grouped by Flagged, sorting by Duration. Your flagged items will be at the top of the view, sorted in order of increasing duration, so the task you gave an estimate of 1m to will be at the top of the list. When you look at the tasks in the context view like this, they'll all be ranked against each other regardless of project, which is what you need.
That seems pretty good. I don't see a way to display the time estimate (like in a column), or edit it except by bringing up the Inspector, but it may work. Thanks.
There's an optional column called Estimate that you can add to the display on the Mac. Turn on the View Bar (View->Show View Bar), then click on the little gear at the right end of the column headings and select it.
I had tried that earlier but didn't see it -- it must have been because I had been looking for a column named "Duration" ...

Thanks again.
I see now, I was confused because it is listed under View>Sorting as "Duration" and under the column configuration as "Estimate."
No problem, it's an estimate and a duration :-)
Its easy and viable and is a great visual help to prioritize actions during the day.

Thank u, thank u..

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