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Ad blocking partially broken in beta 3! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Ad Blocking is broken using beta 3.

This is from , but several sites do the same thing. Ads that used to not show up at all, now show these gray boxes.

Here's a screenie with beta 2:

And the same site in beta 3:

So I have had to fall back to beta 2 for now.
does it have anything to do with "Blocked Plug-ins now have a clickable placeholder image." ?
Don't think so. Clicking those gray areas does nothing.

Also see

The banner ad at the top appears. In beta 2, it does not (with my same blocking rules).
Other things that were blocked are now not blocked. See below, the GIF ad at the top of the right column. There are many other examples.

In some cases, the new placeholders do show up. I preferred the collapsing content of beta 2, actually. I may have to to switch back to Safari for superior ad-blocking display. See these 3 examples, which looks cleanest?

Here's beta 2:

and beta 3. Look at that ad appearing for no reason:

and here's the page in Safari, using Safariblock:

As far as looking the "cleanest," that's a whole different conversation. The goal of 5.5 is to work the same as 5.1 but with the new webkit.

That said, the placeholders still don't seem to be working right/as expected.
I wouldn't mind having a way to collapse blocked ads, it would make for a much cleaner appearance on many pages. We're trying to get back to the 5.1.3 way at the moment but we'll see what can be done here.
I'm also sometimes seeing the solid grey boxes instead of the 5.1.x way of doing things, but another issue is that mousing over blocked content does not pop-up the name of the blocked content/its URL like it did in 5.1.x. Personally, I much prefer knowing that there is blocked content than having it collapsed, especially as I block all Flash by default and it is important to know where it is when I do need to activate it on a particular page/site.
Although I prefer collapsed or invisible blocked content, I could live with "the 5.1 way" of all blocked content having those CLEAR boxes with the indented ridge. What I hate are those big GRAY boxes...

It seems to me those occur with Iframe ads, but not always. Whatever future options may come (perhaps an option to collapse blocked content), I hope that the minimum for 5.5 is the CLEAR blocked-ad placeholders, preferably with the rollover text that JKT mentions.
Originally Posted by troyb
I wouldn't mind having a way to collapse blocked ads, it would make for a much cleaner appearance on many pages. We're trying to get back to the 5.1.3 way at the moment but we'll see what can be done here.
Yes, it would be nice to do this relatively "automatically". But thanks to the new feature in OW 5.5 that allows a custom stylesheet in site-specific preferences, I have been able to create several stylesheets that completely hide ad containers and other things I don't want from several sites (removing them completely from the layout).

The easiest way to do this is if the container box has a specific class or ID that I can target, but CSS does also allow you to target elements by their attributes and values. The web developers among us might have forgotten about some of the more advanced selectors, cause many of them don't work in IE, but in this situation we have a lot more control, since WebKit does support the majority of the CSS2 selectors correctly. Obviously you have to be careful not to use anything too generic or you may be hiding stuff you wanted to keep.

Another thing that's helpful is the fact that OmniWeb lets you edit the source of any page, and "Redisplay" it, which makes it easy to find the element you want to target (e.g. try adding a red border with the style attribute to find containers), and test your style rules before putting them in a text file and selecting it in the site prefs.

One thing to be aware of when testing your custom CSS is that OW sometimes fails to honor these rules when you reload a page (this might only happen after you've messed with the source and done a "redisplay", because most of the time the changes to the custom CSS file seem to take effect properly when I reload). You may have to click to go to another page on the site, then click to return to the one you were viewing.
I use CSS to block many ads and other content on several sites I visit. However, on others it's too much of a pain, especially when authors do not name elements. Many sites are still made up of nested tables (like the examples above) and it's difficult or impossible to set up rules.

For some sites, I can eventually arrive at stuff like:
	body > div > div > table > tbody > tr > td:first-child * { display: none !important }
But, you know, if I can use Safari and Safariblock and accomplish the same end result with one right click...

I think OW should perfect the 5.1 way and have all blocked content show up with clear frames, and then offer a preference in ad-blocking for "collapse blocked content". This should also appear in site preferences, for those sites you wish to reverse the general behavior.

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