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Yes, the 'Save Window Size' command helps, but it keeps returning said window to my laptop monitor, and I have to drag it back to my 2nd monitor.

Ideally, if the 2nd monitor is detected, place it there, otherwise on the 1st monitor (the laptop, when I'm mobile).

This is something that we'll try to better support in the future. You should be able to use Save Window Size on a window on the second monitor and have it open on the second monitor when available.
Troy Brandt
Omni Person
... it seems that the only thing saved is the size.

Last edited by Inspiritor; 2009-03-24 at 01:14 PM..
And, where did my post's 'Title' go? On other forums, I use the style of starting a sentence in the title then "...", then I begin the body-text with another "...", so (here) the first part of my sentence disappears.
I just looked at the display modes, and none of them place the post's title adjacent to the body-text. Looks like I'll have to forego using titles.
So, thru copying the title, my earlier post should read:

"'Save Window' on 2nd Opens On 1st ...

... it seems that the only thing saved is the size."
It saves position and size, however the position is only used for the first window. Subsequent windows are opened cascaded down from where the last window opened was created (even if it has since been closed). If you close all windows this resets back to your saved position.
Troy Brandt
Omni Person
So, 2 of 3 coordinates are recorded: position-within-monitor and size.

The monitor-number is not yet recorded, nor is its absence or presence detected on startup, so if the display resolution of a 2nd monitor is different from the primary monitor when the 'Save Window Size" command is executed on the 2nd monitor, the position and size undergo an (unintended) translation the next time OmniWeb is launched.

If the use of a 2nd monitor were a new feature that OmniWeb had to catch-up with, I would consider it to be a needed enhancement.

As the use of a 2nd monitor has been a standard part of Mac OS X for a long-time, I consider this to be a bug.

The absence or presence of secondary monitors should be a standard part of the Quality Assurance testing scripts for all of your products.

Otherwise, great products. Just my two-cents worth. Thanks.
Sorry, I wasn't very clear before. This is definitely a bug and a known issue at that. So I'm in complete agreement, it just isn't something that has been fixed yet. We plan to do some updates to the way window size is stored and cascading behaviors for a future update. I'd like us to fix this issue as well.
Troy Brandt
Omni Person
Originally Posted by Inspiritor View Post
As the use of a 2nd monitor has been a standard part of Mac OS X for a long-time, I consider this to be a bug.
I read troyb's response as a suggestion that he also considers it a bug and intends to do something about it, don't you?

Have you sent similar messages to Apple? They ship the same bugs release after release! Google "dmproxy" for an example that bugs me on a daily basis.

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