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I really love OmniFocus, but do you know if it exists an equivalent app for our poor fellow collaborators that have to work under Windows XP?

Any hint appreciated!

Thanks a lot

There are a lot of GTD apps for multiple platforms, and I feel I've tried them all. There have been none like OF, thus depending on your use of the word "equivalent", I don't think you'll find any at the present time for Windows.
Thank you pvonk!

I thought that I would get such an answer :-). I understand very well.

But if I had to use one, maybe you would recommend me one more than the others for Windows?
I have used Bonsai ( to implement GTD (done right) on my Windows laptop and Palm PDA in a way that is as useful and perhaps more flexible than Omni Focus.

There is an interesting one called something like "Tudumo" -- very lightweight yet might be just what a person needs without undue complexity.

Right now my method of using Bonsai trumps all other options but I remain registered to Omni Focus in order to continue to evaluate its functionality.
Thanks Journey!

Those apps look interesting. I will give them a try!


If anyone considers an app like Bonsai, it's important to know that there would be a steep learning curve if you want to use it for a GTD-type app. It's basically a very flexible outliner that by itself on a Windows desktop is a very powerful program, that also was designed to sync to a very capable outliner on a Palm PDA.

In order to get GTD-type functionality, I had to create a customized outline that would do what I want it to do. I am probably going to do a writeup about it for Natara's next quarterly newsletter (if I have time). The filtering capability is very powerful, and I can set it to show "Next Actions", "Action", "On Hold", ... or whatever other category I want, and it has a keyword feature that enables multiple (or single, just assign one) contexts.

I haven't spent much time on Omni Outliner because I am relatively new to the Mac. I just bought my Mac Book in November! It's very likely that Omni Outliner could also be used to implement GTD, but I don't know for sure. I am guessing that Bonsai is a little more powerful but that is a guess based only on the fact that Bonsai is one of the very rare superbly implemented applications.

Unless one wants to go through a steep learning curve though, I don't recommend it over a GTD app like Omni Focus. Also, if you are already on the Mac, I certainly don't recommend learning a PC program! (I am a Mac convert already).

If you do use a Windows PC though, perhaps take a look at Todumo. It certainly is no competition for Omni Focus but rather a minimalistic but very intuitive and powerful way to do the GTD methology. It might work well for things like a daily work to do list if you have a Windows computer at work.

When some kind of multi-context, keyword, or tag method is implemented in Omni Focus, then I will seriously consider it again as my main GTD-type app, and would even give up the sync'ing to the Palm PDA that Bonsai offers because the Mac Book is very portable. Most GTD-type apps do enable multiple tagging -- even the minimalistic Tudumo.

Tonight I tried iGTD and iGTD2 (which is in alpha) which do a good job with tags. However, one of the chief benefits of using an Omni Group app, IMO, is that Omni Group has development and support resources that the other Mac GTD-type apps don't have. iGTD2, which looks great, doesn't seem to have had an update in over a month. I would rather have a great implementation of Omni Focus from Omni Group.
You might take a look at eccopro. It hasn't been updated since 1997 but has much the same functionality and personality, and syncs via palm. It's free and on yahoo there's a good forum about it
Wow, it's nice to hear someone mention Ecco Pro! As a matter of fact, about a month ago I discovered the Yahoo group and did download Ecco Pro 4 again. I used to be a power user of it. I remembered enough to try to set up an implementation of GTD, however the Windows / Palm program Bonsai worked a lot better for me and I abandoned Ecco. Thanks for the recommendation though -- I do have Ecco installed and may find other uses for it. It's too bad that the Microsoft monopoly killed Ecco by flooding the market with free copies of Outlook when it first came out. Bill Gates put a lot of great products off the market, and a lot of good, innovative developers out of work.
Originally Posted by Journey View Post
It's very likely that Omni Outliner could also be used to implement GTD, but I don't know for sure.
Slightly off-topic, but yes, OmniOutliner can be used for GTD. In fact, it was some scripts Ethan Schoonover (now part of our marketing team) wrote for OmniOutliner that gave us a big part of the inspiration for OmniFocus. If anyone happens to own Outliner but doesn't want OmniFocus, check out kGTD at
Originally Posted by gabrielito View Post

I really love OmniFocus, but do you know if it exists an equivalent app for our poor fellow collaborators that have to work under Windows XP?

Any hint appreciated!

Thanks a lot

Probably the best equivalent would be My Life Organized ( I used it in my Windows days before I migrated over to the Mac (couldn't be happier that I did).

In fact, it has certain features that OF doesn't offer that I would love to see in OF in the future, especially how it manages the to-do list with the latest release (go here to find it:

Hope this helps.

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