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This app crashed 100% of the time on my MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo, OS X 10.5.2. It certainly is not Leopard Ready even with a proviso.

It's $15 down the drain.
Works absolutely fine for me (though I do not have the activated version... I just delete files manually) - I assume that you do have the latest version, so is there a consistent error in the crash reports (that is, does the same thread crash each time) and does it crash at the same point each time or is it random?
Absolutely does NOT work for me.

Yes I was using the latest version.

Yes I did pay for it.

I sent all the crash reports to OmniGroup. I am not a programmer. Reading lines of threads means nothing to me.

It would crash in the scan phase, though once it completed the scan but crash short afterwards.

It never crashed on Tiger. I did a clean install of Leopard.

I have removed the app from my system.
Glad I saw this thread. I was seriously looking to buy this. But now I guess I'll wait....
On my MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz (bought in Dec 2006), DiskSweeper works fine. I am now on OSX 10.5.4.

My suggestion is to try the Demo - if it works on your system, the purchase price seems reasonable to me.

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Works fine (no crashes) for me with 10.5.4 and 10.5.3, had a total of 1 crash with 10.5.2. I've got the paid version, but I cannot believe that license status has anything to do with the problem being seen by the OP.

I'd suggest the original poster send mail to OmniDiskSweeper Support and get the issue resolved, either by examining the crash logs or issuing a refund. I don't think I put words in their mouth by saying they don't like to have unhappy customers and will try to make you happy. If you just sent in the crash reports via the Omni crash reporting tool, no human may actually have seen the report. When you use the "Send Feedback" command under the Help menu, someone does see it. When I did so last week with an OmniDiskSweeper issue, I got an answer from the head of Support & QA in about an hour.
Fwiw, there is one aspect where OmniDiskSweeper fails - it can't sweep Time Machine disks (at least as far as I can tell - it will start a scan but never finish). I suspect it can't resolve whatever form of linking/hierarchy of the files is used by TM.
The way Apple set up time machine backups is very smart; instead of having lots of duplicate copies of files in the backups they do, they copy the files that have changed. For the files that haven't changed, they just link back to the copy in the previous backup (which may itself be a link back to the one before it, and so forth). This lets them fit more backups onto your disk than they could otherwise.

Unfortunately, OmniDiskSweeper can't tell those links from actual files - we ask the finder for the size of the link, and it tells us the size of the original file. That's what's causing those inflated disk usage numbers you're seeing. It also tricks OmniDiskSweeper into thinking there are far more files on the disk than are actually there, which causes the scans to take a lot longer.

If you scan the non-Time Machine folders, using
File -> Size Folder...

You'll get more accurate results (and shorter scans). You probably don't want to be deleting files from your backups anyway. ;-)
While that might be true, your average user might not realise that you shouldn't be using ODS on a TM volume and will get fed up with the (apparent) spinning beach ball hang that occurs. ;-)
I can only browse the results for a minute or two every time and then a crash. It's happened under every version of Leopard for me on my Macbook Pro.

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