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I just discovered OmniWeb 5.11 and LOVE it! However, the 1Password website says its compatible with OmniWeb, but I can't get it onto my browser toolbar. It's not shown in the toolbar drop down window, so I can't pull it from there, nor can I find any other place to pull it from to get it into my OmniWeb toolbar. HELP -- I need 1Password. I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

Gopher, I'm going to move your post to a thread that discusses what's going on here. Posting here so you get any notifications you've signed up for. (Folks that read this in the future will see the post in the thread I moved it to.)
Just noticed that you're on Snow Leopard rather than Lion, Gopher. Current builds of 1Password are aimed at Lion and thus don't include the OmniWeb plugin, but older builds may still have it.

I'd suggest contacting AgileBits for help; they may be able to point you at an older build of the app you can use.
Please do add me to the list of those who are very interested in OmniWeb adding in a JS extension architecture so that we can continue using 1Password and OW into the future. OW could also benefit from other extensions as well.
Just adding my vote for an update to Omniweb for 1Password. I'm using Safari since Lion, but very reluctantly and would really love to have a mod to OW.

Thanks Ken and others for your explanations.
Added a few votes for that request! If any others would like the same, please email us here.
Omniweb needs 1Password, it would be my one&only browser than. I love slim Browsing, Workspace & Tabs. And would pay for it.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
For those who haven't been paying close attention, here's the background:

Apple is trying to make Safari more secure, so they've created a sandbox for browser extensions written in JavaScript—very similar to the extension mechanisms for Firefox and Chrome. AgileBits has rebuilt their 1Password browser extension using this approach, and they've got it working in those three browsers.

OmniWeb supports several mechanisms for extending the browser (some dating back to the mid-'90s), and those mechanisms still work—but none of them are JavaScript-based, so they're not compatible with this new 1Password browser extension. (Presumably, if you still have a copy of the older OmniWeb-compatible version of 1Password it would still work the same as it always did.)

So, how do we fix this?

Roustem (AgileBits' CEO) and I had a brief conversation last week about how we might get the latest 1Password working in OmniWeb, and it sounds like the easiest way would be for OmniWeb to implement the same sort of browser extension mechanism that Safari, Firefox, and Chrome have implemented. (That approach would have other benefits as well, potentially giving OmniWeb the ability to run other extensions.)

That seems like a reasonable approach to me, but we have a lot of higher priority projects on our plate at the moment (iCloud updates, OmniPlan for iPad, OmniOutliner 4, and a major update to OmniFocus) so I'm not sure how soon we'll be able to do that.

What can you do?

Keep letting us know this is important to you: that helps us decide where to put our resources. And please, don't blame Apple or AgileBits for making a very appropriate decision to implement a more secure system for browser extensions.
It's been 7 months. Any work started yet? Or, on the way?

We are simply not using 1Password, and instead doing logins manually, so that we can continue using the only usable browser for us, with my business partner.

I'm periodically checking updates on this forum, this thread, other browsers like Sleipnir, and side tab & workspace extensions for other browsers like the latest SafariStand, with frustration. In a corner of my head, I'm also collecting my own design ideas for a better browser. I am a software designer myself, although I don't code. Today, I even searched to see if learning to code the browser in my head would be feasible. I also thought of offering you a sum of money whenever I have the resources, to make you add the extensions module. So, what I'm basically saying is; this is driving me insane!

Today, I saw someone suggesting you to make OmniWeb open source. For me, it would mean killing it. Now it's ill, and the best thing I can think of is to put a price tag on it. Make it as high as you need. Whatever money you need to continue developing, and adding extensions module, calculate it; and divide it to the number of people who want to pay for a new version. Make it $100, make it $1000, make it $10000... I don't care. Just give me an option to get it, so I know what I should pay for my part. I spend more hours in front of a browser than I spend for anything in these days.

Please remember everyday, how many hours of your life was spent on dreaming of, thinking of, tinkering on, or developing OmniWeb, and how you have succeeded in making such a thing that some of the best minds on your planet have noticed and admired, gave the attention it deserved, and still use it in spite of your lack of interest. I don't think it's an easy process to make a browser, let alone making the best one.

So the question is, what will be the best browser in the near future? Will OmniWeb join the other Omni gems and continue holding the title, or should someone start to build the next one that would take over the crown?

Last edited by zdlo; 2012-04-08 at 01:03 PM..
I vote for an upgrade to OmniWeb that would allow 1Password to work … I've almost quit using OmniWeb since I can't easily use 1 Password.

But, the bigger factor is no ability to sandbox Flash so I can run it without it being installed separately like necessary for Safari & OW. So, Chrome is my most often used browser now. Too bad, b/c OmniWeb is sweet.

So, I'm casting 2 votes: upgrade to allow 1 Password & upgrade to allow a custom "sandboxed" version of Flash to run within OminWeb!

Budapest, Hungary
Those of us who have been OmniWeb users for a loooong time remember the days when OmniWeb came with a price tag, which we gladly paid. This was a true endorsement of OmniWeb because most/all other browsers were free.

I'm anxious, again, to pay for OmniWeb if it means we'll see active development, especially continued support for 1Password.

We'll pay for the power of OmniWeb! Just tell us how much.

-- Ward

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