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I posted a few above. Google image search is now working with the latest sneaky peek. Facebook still has problems. Trying to pay with PayPal hangs trying to transition from the seller's site to PayPal (I have this with a number of different seller sites).
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
We're not actively working on new features for OmniWeb 6 at the moment, but we're certainly still continuing to develop and enhance OmniWeb 5.
The one defining feature for me is 64 Bit. No standard app needs this more than a browser IMHO. Web pages seem to need more and more memory these days, and each and every day, OmniWeb crashes on me more than 10 times because it reaches the 4 GB memory limit during my work. (Go figure how much I love working with this browser that I cope with that!)

I've been told 64 Bit won't happen before OmniWeb 6, so according to what you say, it won't happen in the foreseeable future. That's about the worst news I can imagine for OmniWeb.

I gladly paid for OmniWeb, and I would still gladly pay again, but this almost forces me away from this browser. Everything else is nice to have, but 64 Bit is a must, as basic as Apps must not crash!.

For me, the OmniGroup has always been the poster-child of Mac OS X development, and I said and wrote so on many occasions. But this is not good. Your users have not only invested money in your applications, but also lots of work which would be lost (not bookmarks, maybe, but certainly workspace configurations and other elaborate settings). It was your decision to make OmniWeb available for free, and even then you told us not to be afraid that OmniWeb would die. Don't abandon your users now, please!

Over the past week Chrome started to freeze aqua, usually at the worse time (Probably local corruption). After several ssh sessions to kill chrome yesterday I decided it was a good time to investigate a browser replacement.

My main criteria for a replacement
  1. Based on webkit
  2. Offered a search/location address bar
  3. Be able to sync history, cache, cookies and bookmarks

Safari is too restrictive for me even with extensions, Flock and RockMelt are to social for me, still on he bench with iCab and I even went through the trouble to compile chromium.

Finally I remembered OmniWeb from way back when I bought OmniFocus and decided to give it a whirl. It was definitely what I was looking for, even without full syncing (I conceived a pseudo full sync).

I'd really hate for this browser to fade away. I'm not sure what OmniGroup's take is on FSF or OSS but I hope they would consider it if they ever do reach a point where they lack the resources to adequately maintain OmniWeb. I'm sure a few (dedicated) people would contribute if they did go this route and if done correctly they could still control quality and direction.

Pseudo full sync
I do not have the time write a plugin I'm not even sure if the API has the functionality to create a full (history, cache, cookies and bookmarks) sync. I ended up symbolically linking ~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5 to a dropbox folder. This works surprisingly well just have to keep the browser closed on the dormant machine. Probably could have also used JungleDisk Sync and exclude the lock file.
hey guys,

just started using your browser, great work!
Originally Posted by robotank View Post
Thanks for your reply. I know you're not promising anything, but the future does look bright now that we know OmniWeb 6 will eventually be a reality. Despite a long period of stagnation, OW is still, in many ways, the best OS X browser out there, and it's good to know that it's not dying.
It's great! Amazing how unstable Safari is, and how much it gobbles resources.
I'd like to see updated icons everywhere, so they don't look like something out of 10.1.. And I'd also like a bookmark sidebar, ie. one that is part of the window, and not that HORRIBLE drawer.. ;)
Originally Posted by Uli Zappe View Post
I've been told 64 Bit won't happen before OmniWeb 6,
We plan to add 64-bit support to OmniWeb 5.x. (That might not have been our plan when OmniWeb 6 was coming sooner, but that's our plan now.)
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
We plan to add 64-bit support to OmniWeb 5.x. (That might not have been our plan when OmniWeb 6 was coming sooner, but that's our plan now.)

OmniWeb crashed while I was preparing this post ran out of memory! :-)
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
We plan to add 64-bit support to OmniWeb 5.x.
Now that's really good news! Thanks for the info!
Originally Posted by troyb View Post
The sneaky peeks expire from that page after a time. There should be a fresh build up today, sorry about that.
Awesome! I just returned to Omniweb in the last two weeks, and here is an update already :)

Even if you are progressing Omniweb on the side, I really hope you keep at it, it's such a pleasure to be back using it.


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