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May Single Criticism - It Takes Ways Too Long to Make A Project!! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Someone has started a thread like this already but I could not find it so I thought I would post this in a new thread.

Personally, IMO, I think the new interface is absolutely fine. The program looks great. However, it is not yet quite a joy to use. Why? It just takes way to long - in comparison to the desktop version - to make projects.

My projects are often very long with 5-10 tasks at minimum and various sub-projects involved. It takes way to long to outline these on the iPad.

For example:

On the mac if I want to add a new task I simply press enter, on the iPad I have to press that '+' sign in the corner, and then tap new tasks. And if I want that new task to be a part of a subproject, whereas on the PC I simply press Apple+], on the iPad you have to open the task... then Press move... And so on.

It is just too long winded to serve as your 'main' GTD program. I was hoping maybe for some simply dragging to embed tasks within sub projects, and a much quicker way of adding new task. That two step processs just isn't working for me.

When I have serious reviews to do, or big projects to outline I just wait until I get back to my Mac. This means I only really use the iPad as a more pleasant way of seeing what I have to do when I am out and about.

Beyond that though, the program is great. I am sure the Omni guys will be on the case with this already and regardless of whatever criticism one can make of the iPad version, it beats absolutely anything else that is out there.

Oh, one more thing - Forecast is marvellous!!!

Last edited by danz013; 2010-08-11 at 03:03 AM..
danz013, any changes to help make OF for iPad more efficient/intuitive would be appreciated by many of the users (myself included), so please make sure to make your suggestions directly to the support team:
danz013, I'm not sure how many levels of nesting you need but there is a simpler way already to get three levels without the "move" mechanism and it's extra screen taps. I don't see this alternative mechanism mentioned much on the forum so I'm not sure how well known it is.

In project view use the + in the upper right to make a folder for your project and name it. Then simply press and hold the title bar of the folder to bring up a popup menu and choose new project. The created project (in your case sub project) is automatically nested within the folder. Do this for all the sub projects. Actions/tasks can be added to different sub projects by simply pressing and holding the title bar of the specific project. The created task is automatically placed within that project. The titlebar creation mechanism can let you create items at the exact location you want with three levels of heiarchy folder/project/action (or project/subproject/tasks if you think of it that way).

The only time I use the "move" mechanism is if I need a fourth level and need to make subtasks or groups of subtasks. I personally rarely need a fourth level of nesting. If you do, perhaps this at least makes project creation on the iPad a little more palatable. Hope this was useful to you or someone else that may not have discovered this mechanism of creation.

Last edited by dremtsu; 2010-08-10 at 10:48 AM..
I just discovered you can nest folders several levels deep. Very cool. While folders lack most of the attributes of a project, it provides for easier entry and gains you the advantage of having subprojects that have a type (sequential/parallel/single), - which is something that I find the desire to do fairly frequently.

Last edited by brandall10; 2010-08-10 at 01:38 PM..
Yeah I know what you are talking about, but using folders to serve as projects does not really work for me. The reality is folders are not projects and don't carry the same functionality as projects, they can't be reviewed as a whole on the iPad for example.

When I say 'sub-projects' I am really talking about when I have a particular task within a project, that requires more than one task to complete, rather than an actual 'project' within a project. Does that make sense? I hope so.

It may have been an idea for the Omniguys to have allowed you to tap and hold a task, to then add a 'subtask' in the same way as you can tap and hold a project and add a new task. That would be much easier and quicker than opening the dialogue box and then moving the project.

But IMO, even that is unnecessarily long in comparison with the desktop version (where to nest you simply press Apple +]). I was hoping to be able to swipe projects into the level of nesting that I need to be for example, or for adding projects.

Last edited by danz013; 2010-08-11 at 03:04 AM..
Originally Posted by GTD View Post
danz013, any changes to help make OF for iPad more efficient/intuitive would be appreciated by many of the users (myself included), so please make sure to make your suggestions directly to the support team:
Many thanks! Will do.
Please let Omni Group know via email. They check these forums, but they act on emails.


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