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Restarting the Mac has restored OG to an acceptable speed. Will have to see whether this becomes a chronic problem or not.
Has anyone else noticed a significant slowdown since installing 10.5.6? I've read that this Mac OS update has been a particularly problematic one across the board. It appears Omni is not immune.
I upgraded to 5 b/c there was so much lag going on in 4 that it was unusable. Zooming out helped to speed up navigation, but then I couldn't see what I was doing.

Is the documentation for 5 even updated to reflect the changes to Master Canvases? I've already burned an hour and a half trying to figure out how to get Master Canvases working. I feel like an idiot. Even more b/c I had to pay to upgrade from a product that wasn't working.

Documentation is pointing me to edit > canvases > synchronize with master canvas

But that option doesn't even exist. seriously. wtf? Am I in an alternate universe? Has this product been abandoned?

I would have expected bug fixes to 4 and an option to upgrade to 5. I'm livid. This impacts me getting work done $$

Changes to zoom shortcut = why? I need 6 fingers on my left hand to make the key combination. Did you guys do *any* usability testing of the changes. The person who ok'd these changes should be canned.
I'm sorry for the confusion here - if the documentation you're reading is referring to master canvases, you're reading documentation for version 4; the corresponding feature in version 5 is "Shared Layers".

You can download the documentation for version 5 from this link:

I'm not on the OmniGraffle team, so I can't speak to why any keyboard shortcuts got changed, but I can say that we only change them when we absolutely have to, because we know exactly how annoying it can be to re-learn muscle memory.

I know a couple of years back, Apple released an updated version of their Human Interface Guidelines which specified several new keyboard shortcuts that were now reserved by the OS and shouldn't be used in third party applications. Because we like to be good citizens on the OS, we changed our own shortcuts; sometimes we had to find shortcuts with combos like the ones you're upset about.

Again, I don't have any specifics, so I can't say for sure that this is what happened; I can say that calling for the folks who do know to be fired probably isn't going to motivate them to post in this thread.
For the record, we changed the Zoom In and Zoom Out shortcuts because Apple had appropriated them for Universal Access zooming in and out, so if that was enabled they'd do "bad things", which is bad.

We had chosen some very nice shortcuts to use instead to avoid this issue, unfortunately *those* shortcuts were being used by Apple's Universal Access as well for the same zooming in and out, except in this case for their new aluminum keyboards (yes, the shortcuts are different depending on what hardware you're using).

Ultimately we wanted to stay away from using Control as a modifier key, but due to the conflicts with Universal Access we're more or less stuck with what we have.

If you do not intend to use the accessibility features in the OS, you can of course change those shortcuts as you'd like in System Preferences/Keyboard & Mouse.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
Thanks Joel, I appreciate the explanation.

Any word on whether Omni plan to address the page numbers issue in an interim update soon? That is still my single greatest annoyance in OG5.
The page number display was added in the first place to facilitate easier printing of a single canvas, we removed the numbers since one can print a selected canvas by itself now (as well as desiring to un-clutter the sidebar).

I take it that your use case is with people pointing you to a particular page from printed material instead of the actual document in OmniGraffle then?

Might make looking at it again worthwhile.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
Printing is just a single use case that requires page numbers. I'm amazed the developers didn't consider others when making this decision. For example:
  • Developer: "So I have a question about page 51..."
    Designer: "Hang on, I'm just looking for it..." [Scrolls pasts dozens of canvases, clicks on one, zooms to check page number, it's no.43, scrolls what she thinks is another 8 canvases and clicks, checks page number, it's p.50, PgDn to p.51]
    Designer, 30 seconds later, "Ok, I'm there!"
  • Interruption over, designer wants to go back to where she was. There's no quick way of doing so, since it doesn't help if she remembers she was on page 7. Repeats the same process of squinting at thumbnails, clicking on pages that seem close and checking the page number.
  • Designer, to Developer: "I'd like to know if this is doable. Have a look in your PDF at page... um..." [Scrolls to corner of page to check what the page number is] "...23" [Scrolls back to where she was looking.]
  • Designer is logging all the changes in this version of the wireframes in a spreadsheet, and is paging through the canvases. Each time he encounters a changed page, he first has to zoom and scroll to check the page number. This process shouldn't even have required taking hands off keyboard.

I could go on...
Any particular reason for the reliance on page numbers instead of canvas names in this case (particularly with regard to looking at a PDF of the file)?
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
Of course, canvas names help a great deal. But I use OG to create wireframes for websites, and a typical document easily goes over 50 canvases. Many of those names are very similar (some are identical when truncated). Relying on them alone takes a lot more thinking than a page number (and there may be other people working with the same file who is less familiar with it than I am.)

That still leaves other use cases where you have to rely on the page number (e.g. the last 2 examples on my last post.)

(When looking at a PDF there is no problem at all. The sidebar in Preview is exactly what I'm looking for in OG. But this is no solution for my problem when working in OG.)

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