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If I create a custom zoom level, please remember it forever. I'm tired of entering 125% all the time.
Originally Posted by mrzizzy
If I create a custom zoom level, please remember it forever. I'm tired of entering 125% all the time.
I second that, most definitely! :)

At the very least I'd like to see this applied during the current 'editing session' level, i.e. remember custom zoom settings while I have the application open.

Better would be saving those custom view settings across editing sessions (when the app's been quit, and re-launched.)

There could be value in retaining custom zoom settings on a per-document basis, allowing specific custom zoom settings for particular document types (which would work well with the template system.)

Of course there would also be value in being able to globally add zoom settings to the list (I really miss 125 & 150%), and this could be achived (in a somewhat hidden manner, due to the means of setting a custom zoom) by holding Option while hitting Return/Enter to confirm the new custom zoom.

...of course you'd also need to allow removal of custom (and even default?) sizes, perhaps by hitting 'Delete' when hovered over a given setting, and presenting a confirmation dialogue.

Of course both of these could be made more explicit by inserting an 'Edit...' command on the Page Zoom menu, resulting in a dialogue with the list of zoom levels, and 'New', 'Remove', 'Cancel' buttons. :)
Ahh, great, there's already a thread on this. Having been heavily using OmniGraffle on a nearly continuous basis the past few weeks, the zoom thing is becoming rather annoying, one of the preciously few annoyances in an otherwise spectacular tool.

In addition to remembering custom zoom values, or maybe instead of that, would you folks please consider adding a zoom magnitude preference for the Zoom Tool? My problem is that zooming-in-and-out zooms in-and-out-too-much, and that exacerbates the inability to quickly select a saved magnification.

My suggestions, then, would be these. First, and most important, add a zoom percentage change as a preference to control how much each click of the Zoom Tool zooms. Second, allow custom zooms to be remembered globally, though don't remember them unconditionally: allow adding and removing them, much like custom font sizes can be added and removed. (Sticking them in the Preferences plist would be fine with me!)

(Aside: does anyone use a mouse with a wheel? If you can assign zooming to the wheel, and if so, adjust its magnitude/resolution? Just curious -- the Mac is the only computer I've ever used in which the touchpad-and-button is more convenient then an outboard mouse.)

Wait, one more suggestion: add some form of shifted-click to the selection tool that either recenters the canvas at that point on the display window or temporarily changes it to a hand while retaining the current zoom level. You can kind-of get the same effect by dragging the selection tool through the window's edge, but then you need to remember to click again to deselect whatever happened to be in the way. A convenient scroller-using-selection-tool would make it a lot easier to navigate at higher magnifications.

Ok, I'm done. I think.
A couple of suggestions:

All the tools have keys associated with them: by default, you can switch to the hand tool by holding [space]. Similarly, holding 'Z' switches to the zoom tool.

Also, did you know that you can drag out a selection with the zoom tool to control how much it zooms and where it centers?
Even remembering standard zoom settings per document would be better than nothing, though remembering custom zoom settings would be ideal. My documents often have canvases in the dozens, and resetting the zoom level for every one of them every time is a tremendous headache.

On the upside, this is the *only* feature I miss about Visio.

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