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WI saw lots of notes about the price when it was first announced, but what I haven't seen much of are notes from people who've who bought OG for iPad -- what do you think, are you satisfied with your purchase and would you do it again?

I originally planned to buy it. When the price went past $20, it became more than a casual purchase that I wouldn't mind if it didn't work out. Maybe this is a reflection of the disappointment I have with Keynote and Pages. What I don't want to do is buy it, be unhappy with it (or, more accurately, decide that it doesn't fit into my work with the iPad), and then ask Omni for refund -- I know that they don't get to recover what they pay Apple if I ask for a refund.

So maybe more important than whether you like it is this:
- how are you using it on your iPad?
- are there ways that you expected to use it that turned out to be impractical or unhelpful?

Hi chuckbo

it has become one of my main apps on the iPad replacing "small notes taking" during meeting (done prev w/ another app), planning ahead & reviewing from an eagle's perspective (prev done mainly w/ a mindmap app that I still like yet I find OG offers me more freedom on jotting down projects without having to have any connection lines in the beginning, which I do later on when reviewing my free-floating ideas) and preparation of courses/slides.

Actually I even use it more than the desktop version as I find holding the iPad (I'm an old TabletPC guy) much more natural and comfortable.

It still has issues with large/complex files hence I try to work with various layers that I might hide, share or not.
So I believe it will be interesting to see how iOS4 will interact with all this (3.2 still being Beta ..)

Originally Posted by chuckbo View Post
I know that they don't get to recover what they pay Apple if I ask for a refund.
For what it's worth, we consider this a cost of doing business in a responsible manner. You're very kind, but you shouldn't feel too guilty about holding us to that standard, in my opinion. :-)

I don't know exact percentages, but the demo units at some Apple retail stores do have OmniGraffle for iPad installed, if that helps...
I have had it for a few weeks now. I think it has the potential to be a useful app, but I am still quite slow with it and it takes a long time for me to create a relatively complex diagram. I am not sure if this is just because I am slow or because the interface needs to be improved. I find that I don't use it as much as I had anticipated because of this - I wanted it to be something that I could rapidly work up simple wireframes and diagrams in brainstorming mode.

From this experience, I am still of the opinion that $50 is way too much, because the functionality and speed of creation is quite limiting. I think $20 would be the perfect price point, because this is a more specialized piece of software that should be more than the standard apps, but it would still provide a lot of value for the price. I think it needs to be evaluated as an app on its own and not compared to the price of the Mac version. At $50 I am feeling a little bit of buyer's remorse because honestly I don't feel like I am getting the money's worth, especially when you consider that there are other wire framing apps in the $10 range, but I think I will keep it and hope that Omni improves it with the next versions.

It still seems like they are approaching this like desktop software and not an app - the pricing is a huge issue and I think they would both make more money and sell a lot more if they lowered it. And people would feel a lot better about the value of their purchase.
I think it could be pretty useful, but unfortunately I do not enjoy it as much as I could. The reason is, however, do to the nature how the iPad works.

My problem is, for example, when I want to draw a rectangle on a grid, I always loose drawing precision, because I don't see what is under my finger - naturally my finger is on top of what I actually want to see to be precise. I think what is really necessary is something like a zoom-popup somewhere in the upper right or upper left corner that shows exactly the region that I don't see because my finger is on top of it. Otherwise, it will always be painful to fix the elements that aren't quite right due to that problem.
I did buy the app unseen, trusting in my experience with previous Omni products (I'm not close to an Apple store and, heck, I got my iPad from the US before they were available here).

I am finding the app useful and my workflow, typically, would start on the iPad and then migrate to the desktop version. I find the accuracy point is less of an issue in this way and the alignment features make things precise (if not accurate). I fix things up, if I need to, on desktop.

I still don't quite "think in Omnigraffle" on the iPad like I do on the Mac, but that takes time.

My two frustrations are really frustrations with how iOS works:

1. Syncing between my mac and the iPad isn't ideal and requires a cable. I would prefer it worked like OmniFocus does.

2. Sharing between apps. This was much less of an issue with the iPhone, but as the iPad is moving into productivity (i.e. more serious potential for content creation), there needs to be a better way to take omnigraffle images into Pages or Keynote instead of exporting to iPhoto.

Neither of these are Omni's fault, but they definitely hamper my experience with the app.

Hope that helps.

-- Morgan

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