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Hi all, I love your products, but you really need to strongly consider putting up a server that will allow your customers to remotely sync their macs and iphones without MobileMe. Local sync doesn't count.

I have tried many webdav accounts and they all fail with your sync for one reason or another. Your forums are littered with these problems. The only one that seems to work over https mostly is MobileMe, but unfortunately that is all MobileMe is good for IMHO and I don't know if I can bring myself to pay for Apple's horrifying service each year just to sync your content. It is a personal thing.

There are many excellent (and free) iphone/mac apps that provide a vendor run sync server: evernote, reqall, etc...

I mean, I am using OmniFocus because I need to manage what little time I have. I don't want to waste more of it fiddling with your sync.

This should be turn key and should not require a separate server/service.

Don't you think it would cut down on support too? To have it under your control?

Please help.
Unfortunately, while it's not inconceivable that we would do this, it brings with it a lot of _additional_ support, including the kinds of issues that are unique to a reliable hosting system. It would also bring additional costs, which would probably require us to charge for this service, which in itself would be an additional burden.

Currently our focus is on fixing any syncing issues where feasible. (In at least one recent case, the syncing problem was due to a bug with the WebDAV provider - no way for us to fix that ourselves.) You will notice that the complaints on our forums about syncing have been reduced dramatically. That doesn't mean everything has been adequately addressed, but the situation has definitely improved.
Heck, I'd pay for an OF web application service.

I have a desktop. I'm not the guy with the home computer, the office computer, the laptop, and the iPhone. I don't want to sync databases via the webs, I want to store databases ON the webs. I want OF to rock my increasingly cloud-centric information world as much as Evernote does, which, by the way, I would use more often for GTD things if doing so wouldn't mess up the awesome OF thing I have going on.
This is all moot when the Bonjour syncing is released, right?

Any updated ETA on that?
OmniFocus 1.1 for the Mac has bonjour syncing now. The next version of the iPhone app will also have bonjour syncing. I don't have a firm date for that.

Bonjour will save some people from paying for MobileMe or another WebDAV service. However, not all of these issues will be moot at that point.

If you have OmniFocus on a desktop at home and a desktop at work, Bonjour syncing won't work (unless you've got some crazy networking wizardry beyond my knowledge). For bonjour syncing, you pick one of your Macs to keep the central database on. Each other mac or device has to be put on the same local network as that central mac at least occasionally in order to sync. If you use a web service, each mac or device could sync any time it has an internet connection.

Some people are also asking for a web app, so you could update your OmniFocus data from any computer with an internet connection, or maybe even a web-enabled phone. Bonjour doesn't address this either.
What would be idea is if you could have a client sync in more than one way. Then you could have a Mac act as a server on your local network for Bonjour syncing, and have the same machine sync to Mobile Me or to a WebDav server so that iPhones and laptops can be synchronized.

Of course, this would also require that the iPhone would be able to do both Bonjour and Mobile Me syncing.


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