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Will there be "proper" .Mac - support? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I have just started using OF a few days ago and it seems like this is, finally, the kind of task management-tool I have always wanted, does exactly what I want it to, is very stable already...

However, I am working on several different Macs during the day and the "portability" via iCal items is unsatisfactory to me.

Instead of saving to iDisk with all the warnings and caution attached, I would very much like OF to have .Mac-sync-support.

I donīt know whether this has been discussed already (havenīt found it with the forum search) or whether Iīm alone with this wish, but I would really, really appreciate that.

Is that on the "coming soon" list - or at least, feasible at all?

We're really torn on this. It's a hugely useful feature, but the sadly SyncServices (the framework that backs .Mac syncing) is not terribly reliable in our experience. Even iCal and Address Book seem to eat data with fair regularity (again, at least in our experience). I'm sure some people have had pretty good luck with it, but it isn't as bulletproof as we'd like.

So... while we may still implement it in the 1.x timeframe (not 1.0), we fear the implications it has for being a trusted system.

My stock question when going through bugs is "is this more important than syncing?" This is right at the top of the list of features I want to add, but not unless we can do it without undue risk to your data.
CTO, The Omni Group
Would like to add my voice for .mac syncing.

I would happily suffer the small possibility of data loss in order for easy syncing between my computers. If the user is aware of the possibility of data loss then caveat emptor!
Me 3! I wonder if there was a way that there could be Time Machine integration of some sort so that if there were some '.mac attack' you could surf back to a previous version from either of the Macs.

I would add a caveat that if other synching were really as good AND the email posting was sharpened up with some more flexible rules / filtering then I may be less demanding.

My key requirement is to be able to get stuff in the application any time and place.

Thinking as I type is there a way to allow remote access to the files on the main machine via Back to My Mac, so you could boot the application on your, say, MacBook using the files on the iMac at home?
Please make it happen. I'm ruining my GTD schedule by trying to figure this significant problem out.
sadly SyncServices (the framework that backs .Mac syncing) is not terribly reliable in our experience.
I agree that syncservices can be a bit flaky, but it's highly reliable when the Macs underneath are running well. (Most problems show up when recovering old backups or otherwise messing with the base files it syncs off of)

However, syncservices is at least as good as the next best alternative. I've never seen a sync routine that was truly bulletproof and trouble-free. The best I've seen is easy recovery from data loss (e.g. archive objects deleted by the sync).

If OmniFocus continues its habit of storing a few backups, I think it would be FAIRLY easy to recover from sync-based data loss. Especially if there were some way to merge the current DB with an archived backup, so that you could get back on track even if you didn't notice the error.

If OF goes its own way on sync'ing, I'm terribly afraid we'll get something LESS reliable or HARDER to deal with than syncservices. I've never gotten OmniWeb's bookmark sync to work properly and have quit using that feature entirely, as it's just too hard to troubleshoot. Ultimately, syncservices and its quirks is a known quantity; .Mac users can troubleshoot it and Apple has good guides on working with sync problems.

Just my 2 cents (okay, maybe it's my buck, but whatever)
Add one more vote for .Mac sync support. iCal sync has been flaky for me, the performance hit when storing my DB in the cloud is unacceptable, and I don't want to have to remember to tote around a thumb drive so I can use the program. Without a relatively reliable, mostly transparent means of sync across machines the usefulness of the app is drastically reduced for me. Thanks.
.Mac syncing, even at the file level, is very important.

Note, I am a .Mac subscriber so it is in my interests to want this too, but what would be more important IMO would be a WebDAV synch which happens to work with .Mac as well, so that anyone can use it rather than just .Mac members.
Please add my vote for Syncing as well. I agree that the convenience of .mac syncing probably outweighs the small possibility of data loss, and appropriate (automatic) backups should take care of that problem.

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