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My RSS feeds issue in 5.1.x and 5.5sp1 Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I'm assuming I'm the only one who has this problem as I got no response on the mailing list when I posted it:

Or maybe I just didn't explain it very well there.

Note the generic News Feed title for all my RSS feeds added to the bookmark window sidebar. Happens in OmniWeb 5.1.3 as well as 5.5 and in a fresh new user account on my Mac so it is not a corrupt plist.
We've got an open bug on this problem. It's on our list but since it isn't new it will probably have to wait until after 5.5.
OK, just so long as it isn't only me.
I don't like RSS implementation in OW, Firefox or any browser other than Safari. The RSS integration in Safari is exquisite. As exquisite as RSS integration is Safari, I still prefer using a bona fide RSS reader like Vienna or RSSOwl.

I think for the time being OW should dash RSS integration in favor of the capability of launching the default system RSS reader. This means, of course, recognizing Apple's feed:// command. Good RSS readers like Vienna can supplant Safari as the default feed:// handler. OW should go in this direction until it can have RSS integration as pretty as Safari's. It's probably the most cost effective way to go, too.

My $0.02 on this subject.

Yup, apart from having no evident means of unsubscribing from an RSS feed (or any info in the Help on how to do it either) Safari's implementation is really good™

IMO, the only thing Safari has going for it wrt to its RSS feed implementation is its UI for displaying them and even that isn't all that great.
Originally Posted by JKT
IMO, the only thing Safari has going for it wrt to its RSS feed implementation is its UI for displaying them and even that isn't all that great.
Well, again, given RSS integration in browsers, Safari's is the best. It's still not good, which is why I still use a separate RSS reader. I'm not complaining about OW. It just doesn't seem as though anybody has really figured out how to integrate RSS into browsers.

The truth is that RSS integration in all browsers is good for only a few feeds, which is why those of us who maintain subscriptions to hundreds of feeds use separate RSS readers. For browsing the occasional feed, Safari is the nicest looking, bar none.

I don't know what you mean about not being able to unsubscribe a feed. Go to bookmarks and delete it. Isn't that how it works in OW and Firefox also?

Doh! Just me being dumb. I was looking at the wrong bookmark folder and wondering why deleting (what were evidently duplicates) wasn't removing the feeds from my bookmark bar.

FWIW, I am OK with OmniWeb's RSS feed integration (as I only subscribe to a very few feeds) but I'm not going to disagree that the UI for it could stand to be improved. However, I would be pretty disappointed to see it removed altogether as you suggest.
I would definitely like to be able to have Omniweb pass off feeds to whichever app has subscribed to the feed: protocol (In my case, NetNewsWire). I think it's ironic that NetNewsWire wants to be a browser and Omniweb wants to be a feed reader. NetNewsWire doesn't provide a way to open all unread links in your default browser and Omniweb does provide a way to subscribe to a feed in your default feed reader.
Doh, I should have just replied to this thread, rather than start a new one. I'd like to see the handoff as well.

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