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I've been cutting Omni some slack, and trying to figure out each time my iPhone gets out of sync, throws up an error, or whatever.

After spending too much time on this, I just have to warn other Omnifocus users the simple truth: syncing does not work in any reliable fashion.

Any David Allen fan knows that the most basic element in committing to a system is trusting it. And, after seeing my iPhone and MacBook Pro get out of sync time and again (or throw up errors), I simply have no faith that this setup is reliably recording my actions, projects, or anything.

If you were hoping this application would bring OF to your iPhone, here is a fair warning: it does not.

At least, not in any way that I can recommend using.

- Matthew Marshall
I don't want to discount your issues - I can certainly appreciate that unreliable syncing is frustrating because I was there for a few days.

And I completely agree with you about being able to trust your system. That is essential in GTD methodology.

However, I am now experiencing RELIABLE and QUICK syncs and I love it!

So my admonition to you is don't give up! Contact the Support Ninjas and ask them to help you out with your issues. They want you their system to be a reliable one as much as you do.

And for anyone else reading this... yes, there are syncing issues for some people... but many of us are also experiencing reliable syncing between the desktop and iPhone versions of OF.
I too have had a similar experience. I had problems syncing at first (with much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth) but now it syncs quickly and reliably.
I sympathize with anyone having sync problems. I'm sure it's no fun. But to claim the product doesn't work based solely on your personal experience is short-sighted. If it's not working for you, maybe there's a problem specific to your system rather than the software not working at all. I agree that the Omni Group should help work around the flaws in individual setups, but for the most part OmniFocus seems to be working as advertised.

Other than a minor snag on the first day, OmniFocus has been syncing my MacBook Pro and iPhone 3G perfectly for about a week now. And there's nothing special about my setup: 2,500 actions in my database, syncing over MobileMe, database size of about 300 KB.

I'm sorry you've run into problems, but I would encourage you to talk to the support ninjas. I'm really starting to love this setup; it works beautifully!


Last edited by Toadling; 2008-07-19 at 03:40 PM..
beharkey & Mr B: What changed for you to make syncing just suddenly work? Did you update to a particular OF Desktop version? Did you do something different on your iPhone? What syncing service do you use?

Toadling, what syncing service do you use?

I'm using a WebDAV server on my own mac. I'm having issues. I'm not getting any syncing error reports or anything (other than Timeouts when my mac isn't on). I have completed Actions being duplicated or not marked as complete. I've never get any error reports on syncing from either program, so I don't understand what could be going wrong here except the application not syncing properly.
The big thing that changed for me was a solution provided by one of the support ninjas - Lizard. The solution is outlined in this thread:

Basically, my data file was growing spontaneously and rapidly and his solution slimmed my data file down from 8MB to 52K, which allowed syncing to begin happening well.

I use webDAV. My server is
I'm using MobileMe/iDisk for my syncing. My impression is that, for whatever reason, iDisk syncing seems to be the most trouble-free.

I would guess that MobileMe might be using WebDAV on Apache on Apple Xserves. But I haven't actually investigated. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow if I get a chance (it's in my OmniFocus inbox now :-).


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