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update 1.0.1 cleared my database Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
When I updated on 1.0.1, all my data that I inputed with Omnifocus 1.0 was wiped off my iPhone. A restore, which took two hours didn't bring the data back. It's gone, and it's going to take me hours to try to reconstruct it from memory, after I spent hours last week plugging all the data in. To be honest, I'm kind of ticked off right now. I thought this application was supposed to SAVE ME TIME!!! :(

I don't have a mac, so I had no way to back up the data on a PC. When an iPhone to-do app comes along that has a real sync with a PC, I plan to switch to that one. I'm extremely disappointed right now.
MrMediaMan, I'm sorry for your data loss! This isn't something OmniFocus does, so it's not something we can fix. It appears this is caused by a bug in the iPhone operating system, and can affect any iPhone application: so please report the issue to Apple so they can fix it.

That said, iTunes will back up the OmniFocus database when it backs up your other iPhone data; did you back up your phone after entering those tasks, and can you restore that backup to get them back?

Another approach you can use is to sync your data with a web server using the WebDAV protocol, so your data is safely stored outside of both the phone and iTunes. The easiest way to do this might be to sign up with Apple's Mobile Me service, but you can also sign up with other (less expensive) services such as BingoDisk or bluehost.

But just because syncing is a possible safety net doesn't mean the iPhone should have lost your data in the first place! Please remember to report that issue to Apple, so they can work with you to figure out what happened and how to fix it.
Interesting. I upgraded to 1.01 (via iTunes) and was asked the same about the database. Now I have OF on my desktop and synced to MobileMe, so it was just a matter of resetting that link.

I feel bad for people who lost data.

Is there a future recommendation for upgrading? Update over the air only?
iPhone restore did not work. When I opened OmniFocus after a two hour restore, I was told there was no database on the phone and to either choose a sync or to start a new database.

Will those Web sync services work with a PC?

Are you guys at OmniFocus planning on adding a feature, where you can e-mail to-do entries/project to-do lists from the iPhone, like you can e-mail notes from the iPhone?

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I had a slightly different issue: my data was still there, but after the update OF on the phone said it couldn't be synced to my iDisk as the database had reverted since the last sync. I knew the server version was up to date (had synced before updating), so I opted to use that instead of the local copy. On next sync with the desktop version, I got the same error message and opted to use the local copy (again, I had synced the desktop version with the server before updating the phone so I knew the desktop was up to date). On next sync with the phone, I was told that the database couldn't sync as it was incompatible. Opted to use copy on server, all is now (apparently) good.

I was reasonably confident through all this as I had synced everything and backed up the desktop database before running the update. It wasn't at all clear what the best practice was in each of the 3 scenarios above, however (i.e. whether to use server or local copy). Maybe a sticky on here or FAQ detailing that would be useful?
I am NOT a happy guy right now. What was a great application that I used on an hourly basis is now going to give me a huge headache while I try to rewrite my data from memory, since I got rid of my post-it notes all over the place in order to use OmniFocus in the first place!

Similar situation as others on this thread. Updated on the iPhone this morning, and my database got wiped. Won't be home until after work to see if using a backup from iPhone will restore my database. Any idea where I can find that backup?? I don't want to click restore cuz that'll just reset my phone to factory settings if I'm not mistaken. Will start using iDisk from now on to back up my database. Any answer on how often this will back up to iDisk??

Thanks and I sure hope you guys resolve this issue

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