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Bug with repeating projects? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I have sent this to the Ninja's already, but I just wanted to see if anybody else could repeat this behaviour, or if perhaps this is the way OF is designed to run.

I think I have discovered a bug in setting a recurring project complete. If the project is overdue, I attempt to set the complete date to a date in the past (I simply forgot to check off the main project) using the inspector. The project then stays in the active list, still with an overdue mark on it; however, it does seem to respawn the project appropriately but doesn't seem to mark the current instance as complete. I have attached a screenshot showing what happens after I had attempted to mark the project "Weekly Cleaning" complete a couple of times (after thinking that it didn't work the first time).

So, is this a 'bug' or a 'feature'. It certainly didn't behave the way I was expecting it to.
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I believe this is a bug.

This is probably happening because your project is set to completion date.

If the repeating interval is set to completion date and has a start date and a due date, the project or action will not forward the date.

Changing the repeating interval to assigned date will solve this problem.

However, if you don't do the action for a while, you'll need to continuously complete the project or action to catch it up.

Previous post:
The project is already set to repeat on assigned date, not completion date; it repeats every 1 week.
Hmm... Interesting... so you are saying, when you mark the project complete, the project doesn't complete but it does spawn another project?
Are you, by any chance, using the KranK widget? I know there is a bug in that widget that attempts to complete a project, and OF doesn't complete the project but still spawns the next project.
Can you take a screen shot of the info window with the project highlighted and post it?
I'm not using KranK, but the main reason I wanted to set the complete date to yesterday was so that it was never overdue and my sprites wouldn't die!

The following screenshot comes from these steps (I used a new project):
  • Create new project
  • Set the start date to 9am this morning
  • Set the due date to 11am this morning (it is 11:25 here)
  • Set the project to repeat every 1 week based on assigned date
  • With the project selected, set the completed date of the project (using the inspector) to 10am today.
  • ... even more interesting (that I didn't notice before)... it has created two new Test projects.... and the completion date is still empty and the project is still overdue.
  • What is still more interesting is that if I try to complete the project a second time using the inspector, only one respawn is created.

Is that what you meant by information window? The inspector?
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I'll see if I can reproduce the bug using your steps.

I noticed you are using a different date format. I wonder if that has something to do with it? It shouldn't but it might.

Can you tell me the
Region selected in the System Preferences -> International
preference pane.
Ahh ha! got it.

You seem to have uncovered a bug when a user sets the completed date of a project to sometime in the past.

What OmniFocus must be doing is... thinking that you want to set a completed project in the past and keep working on the project you are working on.

So it creates a completed project in the past, and let's you continue to work on the project.

I can see the confusion, why OmniFocus thinks this isn't a bug and at the same time how it is tied into my bug. :-)

What is the behavior you are expecting to happen when you enter in a completed date in the inspector? When do you think the start and due dates should be set at? Probably next week... right?

But the project won't set it's start date and due date into the future.

I would expect the project start and due date to be forwarded into the future from the assigned date. I would expect it to be forwarded into the future based on the completed date. But it gets stuck.

I don't see why anyone would want it to work like the way it is working. Unless someone wanted to back-complete a bunch of projects? I don't see that happening.

I agree it's a bug. And tied into my bug. :-)

Suggestion for you:

In the toolbar of OmniFocus, I don't see the completed project checkmark? To add it to the tool bar, right click on the toolbar, select customize and look for the complete icon. Drag that down to your toolbar.

You can also complete a project by right clicking on the project and marking it as complete.

That's how I usually complete projects.
I was expecting that the project be marked complete at the time/date I set, and for the new project to be created with the start/end date in the future. The projects that it creates are correct (for some reason there are two of them initially though....which must surely be a bug no matter how you look at it), but the project isn't marked complete as I thought it should be.

Basically, I was expecting that the behaviour be the same as if I had actually marked it complete yesterday. Occasionally you forget to actually tick stuff off, and it is nice to have the completion date as to when it was actually completed, rather than when you remembered to mark it complete (which is what you get if you use the toolbar or right click).

If you go through the above steps with an action, as opposed to a project you get a completed item with the completion date/time set to be as you wanted it to be. You also get a new item with the start/end dates in the future. I would have thought that I would get the same behaviour from projects. The behaviour for actions is the behaviour that I want from projects.

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