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I use the hidden feature that allows always opening any new windows in tabs via defaults write.

There's an extremely anoying glitch with that, though: If the link produces a popup that resizes the window, OW will stick to that new windows size when going back to the original tab. And, even more annoying, some popups disable the location bar, the status bar and so on - I have to manually re-add them when I go back to the original window.

So please add one of the following:

Opera behaviour: If the popup resizes the window or changes "bars behaviour", it will be opened as a child (mdi) window on top of the normal Opera window.

Or, even better: Just save all window attributes with each tab, like it's done with workspaces. Switching back to the original tab would thus restore the window as it was before.

[Edit: I just saw there is a thread on this topic in the bug reports forum. But it's still good to keep this up as a feature request. :-) ]

Last edited by zottel; 2006-07-17 at 02:55 PM..
Whether the hidden feature is on or not, I'd like the option of having OW ignore window properties as set by JS and simply open new windows (or in this case, tabs) with my standard window settings. I can't tell you how irked I get at anonymous, idiot designers who think they get to decide how my windows should look, even if that means a 200px-square, double-scrolling window (because they didn't test on a Mac, of course) in the corner of a 3200x1600 pixel screen. And, thank you, but I'd also like to keep my location bar so that I can see where I really am, and my toolbar so that I can navigate around if I choose. (Incidentally, one of the things that's historically driven me nuts about Firefox is that it not only lets idiots get away with this sort of demanding control, but like bad DRM, it *enforces* it. For instance, you can't make a tiny window bigger if the designer says you shouldn't be able to. Um, who's browser is it? And who are you asking to hand over money to buy your product or those of your advertisers?!?)

OW used to have an issue where it would use the toolbar settings of a recent pop-up window for *all* new windows, which would mean that suddenly, my new windows would open with no chrome at all. Annoying. I haven't had this happen in a long time, though, so I'm guessing it was fixed.

Also, more closely related to this thread, I'd like a site-specific option of having OW force links to open in the *current* tab. Some sites are just new-window-happy and open just about every link in a new window. Dag-nabbit, just follow convention and W3C recommendations and open links in the current window/tab! Very annoying. If I want something in a new window or tab, I'll open it there.

Sorry for the rant. Window control is one my biggest sore spots.
I guess I feel the need to come to the defense of web designers on this...

I do create pop-up windows like you describe. These are often used to display bits of information in, for example, the purchase path of a site. This way you don't have to leave the cart to read what a CVV2 code is. It allows us to create an easy checkout that isn't filled full of data that most customers wont need.

I also do it to respect the screen real estate of people with smaller screens. If I open a pop-up window that has the address bar, navigation bar, favorites bar, status bar... that eats up a lot of the screen and covers up the other window. I don't force it to a specific position, however. I also don't forbid resizing (and I don't think browsers should honor that either.)

I also open links to new sites in a new window. Same site, same window. I have been putting little icons next to external links to help users know it will open a new window.
I hope I don't post sth stupid now, as I can't check atm - I don't have a site in mind that opens a tab without any bars and stuff.

I only know: Opera has a nice behaviour when no bars are available: It just shows a tiny yellowish stripe at the top of the window, containing the name of server the window came from. If you click on that stripe - tataa, your bars are back.

Good idea, imho; please bring that to OW if it isn't there already. X-)

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