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Setting up calendar alerts in OmniFocus for iPhone [Retired: use local notifications] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Again, I think you need to check your settings. I use this system every day, and I get rapid updates. It's easy to test, too. Make a change to a due item, do the sync, look at the Documents folder on MobileMe. The last modification date on the OmniFocus-Reminders.ics file should be the same as that on the OmniFocus.ofocus file. At that point, OF's work is done. So, the questions are:

1) is the OmniFocus sync taking place, and the OmniFocus-Reminders.ics file being updated?
2) is everything configured appropriately so that MobileMe can propagate the changes to all the apps and devices as quickly as possible?
Thanks again.

Did you have the chance to take a look at the Apple document? I realized that the procedure outlined there does not work as expected, or at least it doesn't work with frequently changing calendars like that of OmniFocus reminders.

So, in the end I gave up on the idea of receiving reminders both on my iPhone and on the Mac (which I had somehow taken for granted would be the case), and subscribed the iPhone to the reminders calendar in the old fashioned way (i.e. MobileMe not pushing any updates to the device, but rather the device pulling any changes either manually or at preset intervals).

At least now I do not have a duplicate reminder calendar on the iPhone, as I did earlier. Changes are also synced from the iDisk to the iPhone calendar in a predictable and consistent manner.

If MobileMe treated calendar subscription as equal citizens to the regular calendars, I would have been perfectly happy. The current solution is not bad, but there is certainly room for improvement.
Thank you for adding the iPhone alarm functionality. I followed your set up instructions and voila! Good to go.

I realize this post may be dead, so I'm hoping I get a response. I set this up a few months ago and it seemed my calendar was literally FILLED with reminders, and got very cluttered. Does this bother anyone who is doing this?

Since my calendar was very cluttered, (espiecially since all tasks default to 8am if you don't change the time), I went the Prowl/Growl route: Use Growl on your Mac, and Prowl on your iPhone/iPad. Works like a charm (as long as your Mac is on).

Has this process improved so the calendar is not cluttered?
It only clutters your calendar if you put a due date on everything...
Which I definitely do.... Almost all of the hundreds of tasks I have in OF probably have due dates!
it would be nice if somehow the calendar reminders could be exported to iCal calendar for google calendar, now that would be bliss

This is strange. The setting to turn this feature on certainly appeared once since I had turned it on in the past. Now i'm trying to turn it on again and there is no such setting in the settings page.

Any ideas what could cause this?

Barry, the calendar notification feature was primarily used as a way to work around the lack of local notifications in iOS 3 and earlier. (Meaning alerts that don't require a server of any sort; everything happens "locally" on the device.)

If your device is running iOS 4, you're going to want to use them instead. You can enable them in the "Notifications" section of OmniFocus' settings screen.
OK thanks.

But will it allow me to have a full calendar view of my Due items if I use the other approach?

When I managed to turn on the calendar feature I was thrilled. I could go into iCal and get a visual sense of things.

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