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I'm new to OmniOutliner and have the following question: when trying to share OmniOutliner files with non-OO users (or non-Mac users), what is the best way to export the file so that it looks like a standard outline? I've had the most luck with the "HTML (Unordered List)" option, but that takes all of the numbered outline sections and turns them into bulleted list sections. Ideally, I would like to be able to export to HTML and have both the numbered and bulleted list sections show up.

Exporting as Word 2007 (.docx) preserves outline structuring and numbering.
Thanks. Do you know of a good .docx reader for Mac? My OpenOffice crashes whenever I try to open .docx files.
Originally Posted by arozbiz View Post
Thanks. Do you know of a good .docx reader for Mac? My OpenOffice crashes whenever I try to open .docx files.
Docx is easy enough to open in TextEdit, or convert to doc in the Terminal with:
textutil -convert doc pathname.docx
but both of these approaches seem to lose the automatic numbering.

(MS Word is a pretty good opener of .docx :-)


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Hmm...I downloaded a trial version of Word and opened it, but I think I'm looking for something a little different. Essentially, I want to be able to fully replicate the outline structure (numbering and all) in a different program (such as Word) for sharing. For example, if my OO file is:

* Test level 1
1) Test numbering level 2
2) Test numbering level 2
* Test level 1

I want that actual outline to appear, including the numbers. When I export to .docx, the numbers disappear and the outline is only visible in Word's outline format, rather than in the actual document itself (i.e., using Word's own outliner). And in the only HTML export option that actually creates a true HTML list (HTML (unordered)) I lose the numbering. Is this just a limitation of OmniOutliner's export abilities? Is there a HTML (ordered) export option that I don't know about? After googling, I found this thread that seems to address the issue, but the link to the HTML renderer that's supposed to fix it is broken:

If you're just sharing these outlines (don't need them to be editable), have you tried saving to PDF? You can do this from the print dialog and using the PDF button in the lower left corner.
Thanks for the tip. I may do that as a quick fix, but I'd love a way to share them so that they're still in a sort-of editable format.
Originally Posted by arozbiz View Post
I want that actual outline to appear, including the numbers.
OmniOutliner doesn't actually keep the numbering as part of the file it constructs it on the fly. If you change a document from Roman numerals to numbers, for example, the only thing that changes is the (small) part of the document that describes the numbering scheme; the rows themselves are unchanged.
Interesting -- do you know what the reason for that is/what the advantages are? Is it an intentional software choice?
Sounds like something that could be added to the export. I would like to use OO for more things (i.e. creating them) but the incomplete re-usability outside the app makes that a chore.

The challenges in getting stuff in and out of both OO and Word means that it's often easier to just bite the bullet and use Word. This depresses me a bit but more importantly, it means that I use OO less than I'd like to.

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