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Hello everyone,

I've been running a decent size job for about 10 months. (construction project) Its a three phase job, the first two phases have been completely time and material basis and there's been a large amount of changes along the way. It was near impossible to create a schedule based on the unknowns. The last phase has the possibility of creating and maintaining a schedule. I've got one created and I've created all the resources into groups. The groups being the subcontractors and the resources within the groups are the employees or manpower of the subcontractors.

My question is this: If a group contains 4 resources (employees) should each employee represent 25% of the resources of the group adding up to 100% for the group, or should the group be 400% with each resource (employee) holding their own 100%

I've assigned multiple resources within a group to certain tasks and the dates keep changing based on how many resources I assign. It would make sense to me that each resource within the group would represent 100% but I need some clarification. I appreciate your time. I am new to managing projects and have most of my experience in Superintendent type work where I have not been the creator of a schedule rather the enforcer. Any help is greatly appreciated.
It all depends on how you want to manage your schedule. My recommendation is to assign the individual's resource according to the time they can dedicate to your project (i.e. a full time person would be 100%, someone working on two different projects equally 50%, etc).

The dates will change depending on how many resources you assign as long as the resource setting is 'Keep Effort Fixed'. This means that for a task that needs five days of effort:
-if you assign one 100% resources, the task will take five days;
-if you assign two 100% resources, the task will take two and a half days;
-if you assign ten 100% resources, the task will take half a day.

If you wish to keep the duration fixed and the amount of effort to reduce, there is an option for this too. It means that, if you have a task that takes five days of effort:
-if you assign one 100% resource, the task will take five days;
-if you assign two 100% resources, the task will take five days but both resources will be delivering ten days worth of effort.

If you select the option "Keep effort and duration fixed", the work will be shared amongst your resources. It means that, if you have a task that takes five days of effort:
-if you assign one 100% resource, the task will take five days;
-if you assign two 100% resources, the task will take five days and OmniPlan will share the work so that only 50% of each resource's time will be used for the duration of the task.

I'm not usually good at explaining things in text, did this help?
It did help, thank you for the reply!

Can you help me with this?:

If I set a resource as a subcontractors company say for example an electrical company which has 6 electricians on the project. Do I need to then create a resource group containing 6 resources, or is there a way that I can keep it as a single resource and assign it at 600% efficiency? Or is there a better way all together? Thank you again for your time.
You could create a single staff resource with the units set to 600%. You'll be able to assign up to 6 full-effort tasks at once and the leveling will do the right thing.

Rereading your post, I see there's a potential case I haven't covered.

The approach I mentioned in the first post handles the case of many separate tasks in parallel being handled by your subcontractor. However, you might want to have all 6 of them working on the same task, to get it done in less time (and keep everyone busy). You can do that by assigning more than 100%, as seen here, where I've bumped the effort of Task 7 to be 6 days, and assigned the entire subcontractor resource to work on that:

Thank you very much! Thats exactly what I was looking to do.

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