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Hi all,

For many years I've used different apps on handhelds that sync with my PC to get things organized. Since I got an iPhone, I haven't had much luck finding a good task mgr that syncs with my computer. Endless issues with sync - sometimes taking many hours to correct.

Anyway, I read a review of O.F. For iPad - about how it can stand on it's own as an organizer. Well, I took a chance and bought it. After a week I'll report I really like it. But sometimes I wonder if I need the iPhone version too for those rare occasions when I don't have my iPad nearby.

I was wondering how many of you use the iPad version as your only version? And How well is it working for you?
I got the ipad version, and it is superb! It does take a little getting used to (like all omni products) - you have to invest more time upfront to understand properly how to use it - and that's where many people give up and go instead for one of the simpler "To Do" apps, but it's worth sticking with it, because once mastered it's a VERY powerful tool!

I alo got the iphone version for the same reason as you are thinking of - in case I need it for when I'm away from the ipad, as well as the 14 day free trial desktop version. I sync using MobileMe, and I have to say that the syncing is quick and smooth - no problems at all. But here's the thing - the iPad version is so much better, in my opinion, than the iphone or desktop versions,that in three weeks of use, I have never used anything but the iPad!
I do have the iPhone version along with the iPad, but I use the iphone version as a way to capture actions or ideas whilst out and about and a reminder about who to phone whilst in the car.

The iPad version is my working location, everything goes through there. Reviews on it are brilliantly easy.

I don't have the Mac version purely down to the cost as I wouldn't use it at home enough to justify the expense, and I'm on Windoze at work.
Thanks for the replies. As a perfectionist I always feel like I might be missing out if I don't have another tool. But I am going to try to stick with the iPad version. I've been working at GTD since 2005 and this version seems to be about perfect. I especially see the value in the forecast feature.
I have all three versions.

I use the iPad version the most, by far.

I think the iPad and desktop versions have their own unique features that make them better than other versions for specific things. ie: There are things that I prefer to do on the iPad, and things that I prefer to do on the desktop.

That is, there are times when I'm sitting with my iPad and my desktop, and choose which one to do something with based on the UI of OmniFocus on each.

That's not true for the iPhone version. I love having it with me, but you're not missing out on anything unique or surprising. You need to evaluate how much of an impediment having to get out your iPad is. For some people, the extra effort to get out the iPad may make them not add things to their inbox, or not look at their lists often enough.

That's it, though, IMHO. iPhone gives you a very small window into your data with very little effort. The only times I've had my iPhone version open next to another computer were:
a) Laptop didn't have Internet
b) I wanted to look at two windows at once - looking at a to-do list while looking at some other content (rare)
My iPad is mostly my device of choice over my MacBook Pro, due to it's portability. Add a bluetooth keyboard and you have a pretty good combination, until that is it comes to bashing in a mind dump of tasks into OF. It would be so good if there was more keyboard input available instead of having to take your hands from the keyboard to poke the screen to move between OF fields or choose from menus. I have asked the ninjas to take us keyboarders into consideration, but I need some supoort from the rest of you keyboarders to move the request up the rankings.

So do you keyboard? Do you find data input a trial compared to the desktop version of OF? Have you contacted the ninjas?

ANNOYINGLY - I have added a post that I have been thinking about for a while which is at the moment covered by a post a couple down from here. Please feel free to lock or delete as that thread answers the question very well.

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I have OF for iPad and iPhone, and really really miss having a Web or Windows version, due to the lack of keyboard functionality and spending most of my time on a Windows box at work. (No Macs in sight.) I've sent a feature request about that.

Still, I think OF for iPad can serve as your only task/GTD manager -- IF you carry your iPad with you most of the time. If not, you're going to need something you DO carry with you at all times. It can be your phone, or you can carry a small notebook (a la David Allen), or even index cards.

The point is, for your system to be effective it has to be always accessible. You'll have to decide the best way to make that happen.

Bruce in Louisville
Originally Posted by BruceWriter View Post

The point is, for your system to be effective it has to be always accessible. You'll have to decide the best way to make that happen.
I did break down and buy the iphone version exactly for that reason. I think it's a pretty good version. Definitely with me more than my ipad.
Here's an article that provides some thoughts
I have all three versions. I use the ipad version mostly for reviewing, while the desktop version for creating projects and adding tasks. Somehow, I prefer the desktop app the most.

The ipad app has a few quirks that i don't like -
1. The left pane shows no icon for 'project' vs. 'Single task list' differentiation. They all are listed as just text. There are no quick visual cues like that in the desktop app or even the iphone app.

2. The desktop app has an option to display 'next available item' in a different color while the ipad app does not.

Unfortunately for me, I have no option but to use a company assigned windows laptop at work. That's where the iphone app comes in handy (I don't carry the ipad to work). When I need to work on my task list, i log in remotely to my home mac just to use the OF desktop app.

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