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Originally Posted by Jarrods View Post
I just had to break down and buy Things, I couldn't go any longer without quasi-functional task management
I'm picking on you a bit, but it sounds like you moved from a fully functional OF "mobile" app to a Quasi-functional app when you bought things.

OF iPhone is perfectly functional, but unlike the desktop, it's primary function is for remote capture and execution - not planning and review. Of iPhone works exactly the same on the iPad, it justs looks [terrible] when enlarged and feels dumb when sized at 1x.

The iPad certainly blurs the expectations of where the line between the mobile and desktop versions. That is a problem I think because Omni must decide what to do. Do they simply convert OF iPhone to be universal and make it readable on the iPad, or do they wait and release a new OF Mobile version with significantly different functions on the iPad vs iPhone? Further along, OF desktop 2.0 has a real risk of being cannibalized by a fully functional iPad version unless it has some serious feature linkage with it her Omni apps such as Omniplan.

My preference is a useable universal port now and a much more functional OF iPad 2.0 later. 9 months of jaggy text on my iPad is going to wear me thin.

No iPad users that purchase OF are going to be impressed until the graphics are changed. But we forum posters have no idea how many copies of OF Iphone are being sold now so We don't know what kind of urgency they feel.

Someone mentioned "hit list". There's no way in he'll I'm transitioning to a GTD app that doesn't have a mobile syncing client.

Last edited by Brian; 2010-04-08 at 03:26 PM.. Reason: removed profanity
Originally Posted by blewis View Post
Of iPhone works exactly the same on the iPad, it justs looks [terrible] when enlarged and feels dumb when sized at 1x.
I think the only way OF iPhone wouldn't feel dumb on the iPad is if OS4 comes out with some kind of widget view. I could mentally deal with seeing OF iPhone in reduced size on my iPad in the top left of my screen in widget mode.

Last edited by derekr; 2010-04-08 at 05:17 PM.. Reason: Following up Brian's edit..
For just $24.95, I'll sell you my latest invention, custom designed to fix this problem. It's an attractive piece of cardboard with a photograph of a typical desktop surface on it (several options available, such as leather, frosted glass, wood grain, and my personal favorite, extensive clutter), and a hole in the middle just large enough to show a 480x320 display rendered at 132 pixels per inch. Just put it on top of your iPad when running an iPhone app, and your "iPhone" is instantly accelerated to iPad speed, and aging eyes get a break, too! It's a magical device, maybe even revolutionary, and the price is pretty unbelievable, too -- order yours now! :)
Originally Posted by Jarrods View Post
...Things is already disappointing me. It's like a task management with a condom.


There is a lot of piling on in this thread. I guess it is an indication of how great OF is that people are so passionate about it. I am limping along okay with the OF iPhone on the iPad but also sure would like a native app. I would even be in favor of Omni starting out with a basic version and coming back later to add iPad bells and whistles if it fits in their business plan. Just please don't make OF the last thing on the list.

Keep coding Omni gang!

Fully agree with these last few posts on this topic. At this point, I could certainly deal with a universal app for iPad, as I'm so used to the iPhone version right now. Just give me higher resolution. I actually PREFER using it on the iPad now (even forgiving the aliased text), since the iPad runs apps 2x as fast. I can really fly on the iPhone client on the iPad. Just can't sync over the interwebs...yet. :)
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
The "late 2010" estimate was our best guess at the moment that post was made; I have a feeling that the situation today looks somewhat different.
Late 2010 was just me trying to be conservative, it wasn't really my best guess.

I could easily be wrong about this (it's difficult to predict how long it will take to build something nobody has ever built before), but my best guess at the moment is June, 2010.

Last edited by Ken Case; 2010-04-09 at 04:20 PM.. Reason: Added a missing comma
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
my best guess at the moment is June, 2010.
June sounds great. Thanks for the update Ken.

I know all too well that coding isn't as easy as it looks. Schedules change. An OS update mucks something up that used to work in previous OS versions. How many features can we add or need before release. Which features can be postponed for the next incremental update.

Things may have the upper hand at the moment with the iPad version and a "cute" interface, it still gets smoked by OmniFocus in its current incarnation. My OF setup just works.... I love eye candy but substance is something else that is equally as important.

Keep up the good work. Crossing my fingers for June 2010!

Last edited by wilsonng; 2010-04-10 at 07:44 PM..
After reviewing this thread, as an owner of every Omni product but Omniplan, on every platform (note: my tone = frustrated/disappointed, not surly)

1. I understand, from my perspective of "User," that Omnigroup has to serve their own internal priorities.

2. When I see the "because you can draw with your finger" apps sitting reasonably complete on the iPad I bought to increase my productivity, I feel a little bitter. The benefit of Omnifocus on iPad would easily be 100 times that of Graffle and Graph Sketcher combined, at twice their combined $60 price.

3. I would guess that, for most users, by its nature, Omnifocus is far more essential than ANY other app. For me, it's a lot closer to my daily thoughts & effort than iCal, or Logic, or the filesystem.

This is the difference between being hooked on caffein and hooked on heroin.

4. The response of "you guys don't get it, you CAN use Omnifocus on iPad - pixel-double!" is pretty hollow. Yeah, I KNOW I can pixel-double, since I've been using Omnifocus on iPhone since release, and since I didn't just wake up from a coma with an iPad next to my bed.

Except for a slight speed increase over my 3GS, since both devices sync to my mac, there's no benefit of a pixel-doubled Omnifocus on iPad that I couldn't get from holding my iPhone closer to my face.

5. Does the Omnigroup "owe me" anything, like spending their singular programming resources on an app 100x more important to me than the company profile-raising eyecandy they put in the app store? No. Not morally, and certainly not legally. I consider us square. I paid them, and they gave me software that I use.

But man, when I think of how long the dev kit's been out for iPad, and hear that the most important app I've EVER OWNED will not be native on the most important device I've ever owned (going back to my Duo 280c, or Amiga, or CoCo even) until June-Dec this year, because of the decision to release Graffle first... seems like a [terrible] decision from my perspective.

Not threatening to abandon, as I'm too invested.

Last edited by Brian; 2010-04-12 at 03:37 PM.. Reason: remove profanity

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