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OO for iPhone is a must and would finally replace my RexWireless IdeaMatrix for my old BB 8310.
Can't help feeling that a pencil and paper in the back pocket might be marginally more sophisticated ...
Those of you who have tried CarbonFin Outliner, what do you think of it? It appears to be the only actual outliner on the iPhone currently and uses OPML. Are you looking for more features or does this fit your needs for the most part?
While I find the CarbonFin generally a good piece of Software, I would love to see an "Omnigroup-native" iPhone Companion for OmniOutliner.

I simply want to be sure, that synching works smoothly - with a web-outliner (ok) but also (more importantly) with the Mac application itself. Furthermore I would love to see customizable styles, extra fields per entry (columns) and audio-notes. Also making more use of iPhone integrated applications like Addressbook, Camera and Photos.

Best regards. Keep up the good work!
Hello everybody,

Great discussion here. What I get from the discussion so far is that:
1) Options exist for syncing of basic task management (omnifocus/dejumble);
2) There is an option to create a small iPhone-only outliner (carbonfin)
3) There are workarounds to export "view only" versions of more refined omnioutliners documents (eg. export to pdf and email it to yourself).

Here is where I think a OO version for iPhone would greatly add to this picture.

I use OO as an "idea organizer" and note-taker. My main file is a large database of medical notes which I build from the computer and classify into different topics. I make heavy use of the note feature in OO, where I store most of the content. I also include several aliases from omnigraffle documents (to add graphs and tables) and pdf documents (for extracts of medical articles).

I currently use ShadowPlan to have a (palmOS) pocket version of the outline (without the graphs, pictures, and tables) when I am in the hospital/clinic. The ShadowPlan sync feature is limited as it erases all formating and aliases links in the desktop file if I sync back from the palm to the desktop, so that I use only "one-way syncing" (from desktop to palm) and input all new information from my computer. Although I could live with a read-only version of the file, the pdf or HTML export are not an option in my case because this would create a huge file that woud be a nightmare to search. My use of OO is similar to UC_student who mentions using this for taking notes in class and have those notes available on the fly (so I think this could represent a sizeable market).

Having an iPhone version of OO would be a major bonus and a push to move toward the iPhone. In my case, this would need to include: 1) easy search/scroll feature to find a specific note within a large outline; 2) preserve the integrity of the desktop database during sycing (even if all the features of OO are not available in the iPhone version, such as the ability to preview omnigraffle documents); 3) minimal input cababilities from the iPhone to the mac document; 4) being able to see embedded graphs/pictures would be really amazing but I could live without that (as long as they don't diseapear from my OO file when I sync back).

Thanks a lot and good luck!

Last edited by joyeuxluron; 2008-10-27 at 09:09 AM..
I would love to use OO as my primary list manager on my iPhone. I think checklists are really useful and having lists that sync between the mac and the iphone would be very useful...

I think the iphone is relatively poor at data entry and would prefer to do my data entry (list creation) mostly on the mac.

I guess I would be interested in check lists that can be reused (checklists where I can clear the checks without clearing the lists) for stuff like packing lists.

Also, maybe being able to create items on lists that include picture and/or location info from the iphone would be pretty cool!

Just a few thoughts. With all the OF/iPhone expertise at OG, I think this would be a killer app!


I would love omnioutliner for my iphone! THis would be unbelievably useful! I already have a family license for OOPro and also for OF and OF for iphone. OG products are the best!
Definitely makes sense to have OO for the iPhone. Having the portablity for lists of all kinds is a major advantage!
For now, I'll wait for iPhone OO. zeptoliner looks like a possible option though.

It'd be great to hear if OO for the iPhone might happen... this year? Macworld? Should I stop holding my breath?
Add me to the list of people who'd dearly love to see OO on the iPhone. The mac app is superb and probably my most used after internet/email and it would be great to have things on the move.

If you do do one, there was a nice feature in the list manager, Projekt, that I used on my old nokia. You set up a shopping list, then each time went through ticking off the things you needed to buy. Then, when you got to the shops, you just selected 'go shopping' and a filtered list appeared that just had the items ticked (though now unticked, and they were removed from the list as you ticked them off). Not sure if desktop OO can do this (I don't really use it for that sort of thing) but it's one of the features I do miss from my nokia.

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