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OmniFocus slow, crashes, & loads - very poor usability [SOLVED: Email Attachments] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by steven View Post
Just posting to confirm poster's claim: OF iPhone crashes constantly (on sync attempt) for me too.

System: Latest SneakyPeek, 1.0.3 iphone app, syncing via mobile me. Pretty big dbase (yeah, I know that's vague; don't have time to learn how to find size right now. over 1000 items total)

Fix attempt: rebuilt OF dbase on mac, deleted dbase on phone, reconnected & re-sync'd.

Result of deleting & resyncing was that instead of OF iP crashing while attempting to open and sync, it would (eventually) load and be accessible.

But... I would then add a single item from the iPhone app (with just a title; no other info), go to the OF iP home screen, then touch the "sync" button in OF iP. Spinning gear icon would spin for 20 secs or so, then app would crash out to the home screen.

I just quit using OF iP for now. :-(
That is perfectly true for me also. I am in exactly the same situation.
update -

Problem: OF iPhone crashes out to home screen after a 1 to 2 minute sync attempt.

Perceived cause: using 5 or 6 several "larger" apps creates a condition (residual cruft accreting in memory somewhere?) more likely to result in a OF iP "crash on sync".

Perceived solution/workaround (for me): restarting the phone (holding on/off, & swiping off, then turning back on) before going into the OF app. There's still some long 2-4 minute sync times on a big dbase, but crashes have been significantly reduced

Ah, the old "cycle the power" remedy - is there anything it can't do? ;)

Keep up the good work, devs; Omnifocus on mac & iphone (even with any temporary problems) are the greatest.

Last edited by steven; 2008-09-27 at 08:42 PM..
After a time of 3 months I can state, that I am a totally convinced OmniFocus-User on all of my Macs. But I hate the software on the iPhone:
  • It takes a minute to open up.
  • It takes about 15 minutes to sync my 640 items in 50 projects.
  • The sync is only available in WLAN-environments.
  • In all other environments the sync does not finish.

Unfortunately this piece of software cannot cope with the requirements of a normal user for task management on a mobile phone.

What a pity!

I would pay for a working and fast software on my iPhone-device.

Best regards
Martin Seibert
Originally Posted by mseibert View Post
Unfortunately this piece of software cannot cope with the requirements of a normal user for task management on a mobile phone.

What a pity!

I would pay for a working and fast software on my iPhone-device.
You already have :)

Martin, have you worked these issues to completion with the Omni support ninjas? This doesn't sound like normal behavior, and I know that Ken in particular works OmniFocus on the iPhone much harder than you are describing.... I agree that the behavior you are reporting is not acceptable, but it doesn't appear to be representative of how well the application works. Send email to if you haven't already and let them remedy the situation.
Just checking in to say my OF on iPhone is working MUCH better as of the latest versions.

usage environment: thousands of tasks, using a 3-way sync over wi-fi; iphone and macbook air syncing to an imac.

things I do to keep it fast:
1. restart the phone (shut down soft and restart)
2. archive items out of my main OF doc
3. in the event of some hairy sync problem or iphone OF app crash during sync because I slept the phone during a sync or some such: I delete the iphone database and resync from the mac.

once the huge dbase is synced to the phone, it usually syncs any new items:
1. quickly (a couple minutes, tops),
2. frequently (I see it sync every few minutes, so I only manually sync the phone if I know I'm leaving the app, and want items to sync back to the master)
3. reliably (with daily usage, I'll only have the iphone app crash hard enough to lose RECENTLY ENTERED data (one or two tasks) 2 or 3 times per month)

Losing data is a bad thing, of course, but it's a very infrequent problem, and if it happens, I can usually just remember the edit I recently performed, and re-enter it on phone, mac, or paper 'til I'm back up.

Loving the software at this point (recently put over 100 items in the inbox; they synced smoothly to the phone).

Good luck with your issues (I'm not using WebDAV sync at this time, so my experience may not be relevant to yours)

Last edited by steven; 2008-12-27 at 04:09 PM..
Thanks for all the tips.
mseibert- please contact the support ninjas. I'm guessing you have some stale or duplicate entries in the list of client files that are causing this.
As you have time to come and complain about it, how about filling us in on the details of how exactly it sucks for you right now and making this exercise a bit more productive? Describe your setup and the behavior you are seeing. Which versions of the software are you using? Still syncing via MobileMe?
As I initiated this thread I wanted to give an update on my situation. I am not using the iPhone-app ever since I wrote this thread.

The syncing simply does not work any more.

A lot of praise goes to the stunning support of OmniFocus-Ninjas, that tried to help me a lot. I did not invest enough time to say, that their tips did not help. So part of the problem is me. :-D

Unfortunately my OmniFocus-File has grown to 20 MB although have hardly 1.000 Tasks. No wonder the sync does not work. I am using 4 different Macs, that sync regularly.

Does anybody know how to reduce the file size?
Wow. 20 MB is very, very large.

Given that the iPhone only has 64 MB of memory to run the OS, any background applications (the phone, the ipod), and OmniFocus, that definitely explains why you're having trouble getting your database to load on the phone.

If the steps I mentioned in my post to dutch5050 didn't shrink it enough, contact the support ninjas via email and we can help.

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