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Script for a quick listing of OmniFocus statistics Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

Here is the entire result from the script. The question the 1,368 unallocated actions [2280 remaining actions - 912 allocated projects ( 215 + 154 + 5 + 264 + 274].

I have a bunch of archived actions. Does the script look at those, too?

Many thanks.


Active folders: 22
Dropped folders: 2

Active projects: 69
Current projects: 55
Pending projects: 14
On-hold projects: 82
Completed projects: 2
Dropped projects: 1

Active single action lists: 14
On-hold single action lists: 13
Completed single action lists: 0
Dropped single action lists: 0

Active contexts: 11
On-hold contexts: 7
Dropped contexts: 6

Remaining action groups: 199
Completed action groups: 0

Completed actions: 94
Remaining actions: 2280
Available actions: 215
Actions awaiting start date: 154
Sequentially blocked actions: 5
Actions of inactive projects: 264
Actions of contexts which are on hold: 274
Actions of contexts which are dropped: 0

Inbox action groups: 0
Inbox actions: 4
Thanks ... something in the area of dropped / on_hold perhaps.

Here is a re-draft to test.


Last edited by RobTrew; 2011-07-04 at 01:13 AM.. Reason: Added link to new draft
I absolutely love this script but I have to ask you one thing - is there a way I could change the order of the displayed items? I like to look at the available actions, which is the very last item in the list. However, even with my Omnifocus window maximized, I can't see the bottom of the list. I have to copy it into a document to look at it.

If you make an extra copy of the script for experimentation, and open it in Applescript Editor, you will see that its structure is quite simple - you can just delete some of the sections and/or change their order.

Each movable/deletable section begins with select and ends with a semi-colon.

If you want to close up all or any of the gaps between sections, you can delete the lines which consist of nothing more than select null;


Last edited by RobTrew; 2011-10-03 at 01:44 PM.. Reason: - added point about "select null;"
Thanks Rob!

I had previously copied the file for backup and made the change in the original but it didn't seem to work. I then undid the change.

After reading your note, I tried again on a copy, then ran the copy from Finder and it worked this time. Not sure what I was doing wrong before.
Thanks for this really useful script. Now that I've used it, it seems surprising that there's not a built-in function like this.

I have one request. On my small MacBook Air display the last two lines get cut off. Is there a way to make the results scrollable? I can copy them to the clipboard and paste into a TextEdit file, but that requires a few extra steps and gets me out of the flow.
You could open the script in Applescript Editor, comment out the display dialog and set the clipboard lines, and replace them with a choose from list approach, as in the following extract:

tell application id "sevs"
		-- 		if button returned of (display dialog strList buttons {pToClipboard, "OK"} default button "OK" with title pTitle & " Ver. " & pVersion) 
		-- 			is pToClipboard then tell application id "" to set the clipboard to strList
		set lstStats to paragraphs of strList
		set varChoice to choose from list lstStats with prompt "" default items {first item of lstStats} OK button name pToClipboard with title pTitle & "Ver. " & pVersion
		if varChoice is not false then tell application id "MACS" to set the clipboard to strList
end tell
If you want to delete the blank lines in the listing, you can do a search and replace through the script to remove each line of the form:
select null;
Thanks, Rob, for the quick reply. I can easily implement your second suggestion about removing blank lines, and that should make the output fit on my display. At first glance I don't understand the code snippet, but I'm sure when I take time to look into it a little deeper I will. Thanks again!
Originally Posted by RobTrew View Post
That would seem to lend weight to the hypothesis that there may have been a change in the alias syntax for sqlite3.
I have now finally upgraded to 10.6 and immediately found that my modified version of the script no longer worked. On the other hand, your latest version of the script now works well for me. So it seems that the OS X version was the issue, as you suspected.
Originally Posted by mrubenson View Post
I have now finally upgraded to 10.6 ... it seems that the OS X version was the issue ...
Good to see a solid and cautious approach to OS upgrades. Not sure why so many are rushing straight into Lion, which has a marked fragrance of Vista about it ...

(I was reminded recently that I had planned to review 10.7 "in the new year". Now that the date of various secular and religious new years has already passed, I have pencilled it in for a definite review on the first day of Spring Festival. In the Chinese year of the Lion that is, of course).

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