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Upgrade erased DB. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I saw the warning in the release notes and just wanted to confirm that in my case doing the upgrade erased the DB on my iPhone.
Hopefully this issue will be resolved in future releases.
As a lot of people (and Apps) have that problem, it might be on apple's todo list, my upgrade worked just fine (1.0 to 1.0.1, had no time yet for 1.0.2).
I just updated to 1.0.2 with no problems. I did make sure that I had a back up. When I opened the OF on my Touch, I got a crash report, but all the data was still there.

So far, so good.
Happened to me too. : (
I took the release notes' advice and spent a few hours this morning making my apache server do WebDAV.. I synced my database to it, they went up there just fine..

I then ran the update and my database was gone. (which is ok, as I had a backup)

The problem is now I can't get OF to sync my old database back to my iphone. It goes through the entire sync progress bar, downloads all the files (I watched the logs) then it goes to an 'opening document' progress bar, I see a single tiny tic, and it goes back to the home screen. None of my tasks are there.

: (

I've gone through this process a few times, always with the same results.

anyone have any ideas? I have a folder full of zip files, which contain a bunch of tiny xml snippets about my tasks/projects..
Sounds like the app is crashing downloading the data. I would delete OmniFocus off the phone reboot the phone, and reinstall. I often find crashing glitches like this will go away (for a while) when cleaned up like this. Note it may well not be Omni's fault of this crash, as there are clearly issues with the 2.0 firmware.
well, it stays running after the sync.. it just doesn't seem to successfully load the 'document'.

I'll give that a shot though. Thanks.
Well, I did all that. No luck.

removed OF.
rebooted the phone.
Reinstalled it with a download from the app store.
opened OF and connected to webDAV
Told it to "use Server Copy"
It downloaded a bunch of files then said 'opening document' for a second, then it took me out to OF home, where I have an empty database.

: (

Guess I'll start over. Hope this doesn't happen with the next update. I'm tempted to go back to my stack of index cards..
Interestingly.. I don't even have default database stuff after that process.. no contexts.. nothing.
Just to get the outcome on the thread here,

This ended up most likely being a bug in my webDAV server. Apparently I could write sync data, but the server was failing at sending it back.

I switched to a goDaddy webDAV account, and all seems well. I got my data back (thanks to brian for consolidating it) and it seems to be syncing fine.

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