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Please make OW OpenSource instead of letting it dieing slowly because you don't have time anymore to give on it !

At least it will be abale to continue to evolve without using your development ressources and let the community interested in to involve in its development and continue to improve it.

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Seconded. This would be right in line with the OmniGroup's benevolent leadership role in the ecosystem of Mac Development. The company is in a well earned privileged position, and such generosity would do much to endear the company further to the community. I use OmniWeb daily and would love to get my grubby little hacker hands on the source.
Open Source OW?? Best idea I've heard all year.

1: Fix bugs in database (esp the one that loads images when preferences is disabled)
2: Offline Mode
3: Separate AutoFill/Autocomplete database from main preference file.
I don't care if OW is open source. It is my favourite browser, and I want to see the improvements and bug fixes which it desperately needs - most of all upgrade to a more recent web kit version, and - if not solved by this - crash fixes.

If open sourcing helps us to get there - fine. But we should not forget that open source only works if there's a group of developers large and competent enough to get the work done. Would there be for an open source OW? I don't believe this would be the case instantly, if ever it would take quite a while. I rather not wait that long.

If charging money for OW again helps to get the development resources needed to get the work done, fine, I'll happily pay up to - say - 70 Euro for it.
I don't see a reason why something I use about 8 hours every day needs to be free.

No matter how, I am desperate to see the work done which needs to be done that desperately.
I agree. I was a paid user of OmniWeb for both NeXTStep and OS X. I would happy to pay a reason fee again to support the continued development of OmniWeb. Right now I use OmniGraffle, Focus (all platforms).
Honestly guys, I'm not sure open sourcing OW would be the right thing to do. For one, I think the last time it was brought up the Omni guys said that there was too much internal shared Omni code in OW to open source it. Secondly, I'm not sure there is a big enough dev community to support it being open source.

I'd much rather they either sell it off to someone willing to give it a go or make it a pay application again. I'd happily buy another license.
I am currently looking for the best open source project for my company's developers to hook into. I am hoping them to grow their skills in proper ObjectiveC development, HTML5, HTTP in general, and several other areas for which an open source OmniWeb would be perfect.
This would actually be quite awesome.. You might even get some developers over from Camino, now that that browser is hanging in the air, due to lack of engine development..

OmniMino...? (See what I did there? ;))
The OmniGroup team answered me by email there were against this proposal. Ok, but after 6 month, there is not even a new sneaky peek update So they p^refer to let this software to die than having it open and let interested dev to update it. They could keep control over it but external dev would maintain and work.


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