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When I create a project, add actions and set the contexts for all my actions, the project still appears on "no context" perspective.

I don't see how/why apply a context to the whole project. It does not make sense to me.

I'm using something wrong or got the wrong concept?

Thanks alot.
Select the project itself, bring up the inspector, and set the context for the project.
Thanks Palmer! That will solve the technical issue, but not my doubt about the concept.

Should a project has a context? Or only the Itens on it?
The way GTD uses contexts, projects and tasks you would either note down a single task (not belonging to any project). This task could have a context reflecting the environment/tool/state of mind/etc you would need to be in/at/with to do it.

Or you could have numerous tasks under a project. You would not "do" the project, you do not "work" on a project. You only work on the tasks. Hence you do not need to note down which location/tool/mindset you need to complete a project, simply because you would not complete it. You complete the tasks belonging to it and those have contexts.

Originally Posted by junglelima View Post
Thanks Palmer! That will solve the technical issue, but not my doubt about the concept.

Should a project has a context? Or only the Itens on it?
You can toggle this behavior in the 'Data' sections of preferences. Uncheck to suppress the display of projects and action groups.

It is really a simple concept, and has little to do with whether you are implementing GTD or some other methodology. All actions, action groups, and projects have a context, though it may not be set. Whenever one of those items gets an action added as a child (which turns an action into an action group), the parent's context is used for the child as a default. If you are entering a bunch of tasks in an action group or project, and they all have the same context, this can save some effort. It is also a reasonable default for many circumstances where you are using an action group to break down a bigger task if the components are all to be completed in the same context as the parent. If that assumption isn't true, you are no worse off than you are without this behavior.

All that said, I find Omni's implementation of the user experience for this feature rather haphazard. If you create an action group in the Inbox and indent a contextless action into it, it gets the parent's context. Do the same thing in a project, however, and it doesn't! On the iPad, where you can't actually create an action directly in an action group, this really bites because you also can't set the context for multiple actions at once, as you can easily do with the inspector on the Mac. Alas, this is sufficiently esoteric that I think it unlikely that enough people will send feedback to get it fixed. The old saw about "there's never enough time to do it right the first time, but there's always time to do it over" doesn't fully apply to Omni :-)

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