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I'm not sure how the system is set up in Omniplan, but I would suggest something like the iCal calendar becomes the central file that all the plans look at for the resource availability (Project-A places resource-x as busy Monday 4-6, when Project-B is fired up it will see the availability of resource-x, the question is how to have two files accessing the same file..) So that there is some type of realtime updating. Maybe a resourceManager??

Anyway, my vote too, I'm in several projects that are very distinct. I'd like to share the plans with other people in the project, but I don't want them to see the plans for the other projects. I.e. I don't want to mix separate companies and interests, but I am a resource in both.

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I'll add a vote for you and attach your comments to the feature request. Thanks!
Another vote!
Managing multiple projects with a pool of resources is simply necessary in most real life situations.
please add my vote too.

I want to manage 7 staff and 20 big project : all in one project will be ugly to display.
ericscmw and mannu:

Votes have been added! Thanks! :)
I think my vote / questions may have been missed :(
Originally Posted by basic612
We've just evaluated OmniPlan and it looks great for our needs. I'm looking forward to adding this program to our suite of Omni products, however tracking multiple projects (ideally with a 'Master Project' type overview and resource allocation / checking between projects) is a must for us before we buy.

I would appreciate hearing where this feature was at in Omni's development roadmap - are we likely to see this soon? Will it be a part of 1.1.X or 1.2.x or will it be a 2.x feature?

Inquiring minds want to know!

PS> add my vote in case you had not guessed already.
I'm so sorry about that basic612! :o

If we are going to implement this feature, it won't be in version 1.2. It'll probably be a 2.x feature, but I can't promise anything at this point. A vote has been added for you as well.
Add mine and three other PMs (is that legal? ...heh). I'll get them to sign up and register so they can vote if needed.

This feature would be critical as we're a medium size shop who is constantly sharing des, dev resources across multiple projects.

ALSO - we're desperate for a way to roll up all projects into a calendar view to review not only duration for each but also resources spread across projects.

I'll add some votes for you skerman. If your PMs have any other comments or suggestions, please email them to us at Thanks!
Please add my vote for multi-project handling - here's the email message I sent:

OmniPlan has the best user interface I've experienced in a project management app, not to mention the excellent Levelling - well done guys!

Here's a feature request that would blow away the competition - multi-project handling - I tried ConceptDraw's Project app because they offer this, but I prefer your interface! I'm currently handling different projects as sub-projects inside a main project, but it's not ideal.


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