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What? What's that you say? More videos? Okey Dokey!

You can find out a little bit more about Perspectives here.

If you'd like to check it out later, you can find it in the Resources section of the OmniFocus page.

We've got a few more in the works right now but if there's anything you'd like to see in the future, please let us know!
Very nice! Thanks!
That's a good introduction to Perspectives for newbies.

I would like to see some videos dealing with daily workflow.

For example, about a week ago, Ken Case posted this excellent reply:
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Thank you! That's a very good point, and I think I have a better understanding of the problem you're trying to solve now.

Contexts are one of the tools you can use to break your task list into smaller, more manageable groups, but I also use several other tools in OmniFocus to answer the question of "What should I do next?"

First, of course, I check is my "Due" perspective, which shows me which actions have some sort of time pressure. (That's Context mode, grouped and sorted by due date, showing actions which are due soon.) After all, if something is due today, I need to go do it even if it involves a trip to the bank that I normally wouldn't make.

Now that those are out of the way, I look at my "Flagged" perspective: these are the things that I've previously identified that I'd like to do sooner rather than later. (That's Context Mode, grouped by context, sorted by project, showing only available, flagged actions.) I try to be sparing with my use of flags, so for me there are only eight available flagged actions at the moment. If you have hundreds of flagged actions, though, you'll probably want to continue to break it down as described below.

With time-critical and flagged actions out of the way, anything that's currently available to me is equally important to do, I just need to do it efficiently. So I look at my "Available" perspective (Context Mode, grouped by context, sorted by project, showing available actions), and now I see 284 actions. Ouch, yes, I feel your pain.

Well, let's select just the largest of those contexts, Mac:Internet, so I can work on a bunch of things without shifting context. That narrows it down to 159 actions, but that's still a bit of a jumble, so let's organize them into projects by changing the context mode grouping to "Group by project". That way related actions are together, which lets me work more efficiently and hopefully makes it more likely that I can get an entire project off my plate.

OK, so now my actions are grouped into just 24 projects, and each of those projects has 1-14 actions available in this context. I'll pick one of these projects and focus on it (by right- or control-clicking and selecting "Focus"). I now have a nice, small, manageable list of related actions that I can do in my current context. Once I finish those, I might want to expand my context focus to try to finish the project completely, or I might expand my project focus to give me more tasks in my current context. Either approach is reasonable, and either way I can focus back down into another small list of related actions using the above technique.

Does that help?
Now there is a video!

Another good one would be "how to review"
Thank you for the video.

A few comments:

-is it only me, or the sound is going out only from the left channel?
I don't really care about that, this note came up to my mind probably because of a professional deformation (music production) :)

-it may be quite hard for non English native speaking people to focus at what this video is about , as it is necessary to focus on catching the words (the lady is speaking quite fast...)
That beying said - it is hard to stay strictly "GTD in line" watching this video as I can not focus mainly on the "content" but I have to pay attention more @form (recognize words) @first :)
It is my problem, I know. But I did not happen with any previous omnigroup video...

Anyway, thanks wor great stuff
yes, I only heard sound form the left channel.

Noticed it right away.

I too was a musician (in "former" life, then I got a "real" job)
What a nice voice in that video :) And well explained, thank you ;)
Originally Posted by brest View Post
What a nice voice in that video :) And well explained, thank you ;)
Like getting a tutorial from a TelaTubbie...
Originally Posted by type11 View Post
Like getting a tutorial from a TelaTubbie...
errr.... if the Michaela doing the voiceover is the same support ninja I've worked with in the pre-release days of OF, she's totally nice. Be cool - that comment could be misconstrued as an insult.


To Omni: thanks for the video; you're promoting a significant part of the app that up until now I've hardly spent any time with. To think that I can get *even more* out of OF is really excellent!

If Michaela is such a sweetie then why do you monsters at Omni force her to do voice over work while inhaling helium?! ;)
Actually, I thought it was a nice change... and it made me watch it more than once... then perhaps that was part of your devious marketing plan!
Good video; love the voice.

Keep it up the great work!!

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