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Can't Move / Adjust tasks - help! [A: Spotify, VLC, & Rdio for Mac interfere with the mouse] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Hi all,

Since last week, I can't adjust tasks in omniplan with the mouse. I can alter the dates manually on the left, but I can't drag tasks, or extend / contract them manually.

I don't think it's a locking problem, as even if I create a new plan with one task - I can't move that either.

I'm on a mac, v1.7 (v

Any ideas?

I have exactly the same problem.

OSX 10.6.6

Build details:

Product: OmniPlan-1.7
Tag: OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31
Date: 2010-10-29 17:18:10 -0700
Builder: tom
Revision: 140377

Component versions: DevToolsCore-757.0; DevToolsSupport-733.0

/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Configurations 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Tools/strip-omni 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniBase 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniFoundation 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniAppKit 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniInspector 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniSoftwareUpdate 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniDifferenceEngine 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Applications/CrashCatcher/Framework 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Internal/Store/OmniZuul 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniCoreImage 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/Nisus/LinkBack/Source 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniStyle 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Applications/OmniOutliner/DataTypes 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Applications/OmniOutliner/OutlineView 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniMachO 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Applications/CrashCatcher/CrashReports 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Applications/CrashCatcher/App 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Tools/OmniAppleScriptTester 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Tools/OmniLocalization 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Applications/OmniGraffle 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Applications/OmniPlan 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Localizations/Resources/OmniPlan 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/Scripts 140377
/tags/OmniPlan/1.7/1.7-final-v143.31/OmniGroup/DiskImageTemplates 140377
Same problem here, restarting (app/Mac) didn't work.
I had the same problem and found that it was a conflict with running OmniPlan and the Spotify air application.

Can't think of anything that Spotify could be doing to cause this however shutting down the Spotify app fixes the issues in OmniPlan.
Same thing for me with the Spotify app. Weird.
Hey everyone, we are aware of this issue. One of our engineers has contacted Spotify offering ideas. Unfortunately, this isn't something that we can fix on our side.

If you would like, you can contact Spotify's support team regarding this problem at

Joel R
Software Test Pilot
The Omni Group
Well, this is bizarre. I haven't done this scientifically (don't have time, sorry) but I had the same issue, found this forum, wasn't running Spotify but was running Radium - menu bar internet radio streamer - quit it, relaunched OmniPlan (which I'd done before, with no success), and lo and behold it works.

Now that is a weird bug!

I'm using Omniplan 2.02, and Mac OS 10.6.8

I cannot drag any of the times of my tasks. I built my project using the old version of Omniplan, and have just upgraded to the professional version, but this key functionality of changing the dates of tasks is not working.

I thought it may be the spotify issue, as spotify WAS playing, but on quitting spotify, and omniplan, and reopening omniplan nothing changed. Similarly, on restart it also did not fix anything.

Sorry for the trouble, eemala!

If you select the tasks in question, then open the Schedule tab of the Tasks inspector, are the start and/or end dates on those tasks locked?

In other words, are the small padlock icons above those fields "closed" or "open"? Are you able to click into those fields and enter new dates from the keyboard?

If the start/due dates are locked, that could cause the same symptoms you're describing. Does that help at all?
Hi there,

We've been started to evaluate Omniplan with a Trial.

I did make a whole projectplan with plenty of tasks etc yesterday and was planning to get it done today.

But... Now i cant move around the task in Task View (with mouse-drag) nor expand the duration for the tasks. I been searching all possibilities if i've locked my view or something like that. But cant find any.

Any idea what i've done to get this "lock" on my tasks?

Kind regards / Magnus

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