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Thanks, I was referring to the clip-o-tron which left an option in my right-click drop down to send to omnifocus when I wanted to put in some mail. I tried reinstalling the clip-o-tron today and it worked, though hadn't before. I'm not sure what had changed, but the problem seems to have solved itself while I was on holidays! Thanks anyway, Regards, Mark

in my allowed senders list when setting up the mail rule in omnifocus preferences I have a number of e-mail addresses which are greyed out and which I don't seem to be able to remove.

is there a fix for this?
... or better still is there a way to disable the e-mail sender address check completely? I find it often causes problems...
I think you'll find that if you click the "Show My Addresses" button, Address Book will open and you'll find that the greyed-out addresses are identical to those on the "Me" card in your Address Book....

No way to disable the email sender check that I know of. You could use Help->Send Feedback to ask the Omni support group if there's an undisclosed option accessible via the Terminal to disable it, but I suspect there isn't. If you want to be able to send mail from any address, there's the approach, though it doesn't offer all of the functionality that the mail rule approach does.
I had forgotten that maybe I needed some emails in the list of allowed emails. Once I read your post I added some emails and now all is working.

More details follow:
I had this all working just fine. Then messages that were supposed to be processed were simply ending up in my trash without also being sent to the omnifocus inbox. I had a look at the script and found that it was failing when it was checking the allowed email senders and found no match. I added the 2 email addresses from which I would send and voila it worked.

Take yourself to omnifocus::preferences::mail:allowedfromaddresses and add the addresses you wish to allow to use this feature.

At first I tried the following:
1. turn off the add mail rule to create omnifocus actions in omnifocus::preferences::mail. then turned it back on. What this does is it removes the action from, restarts then re-adds the action to and restarts That was not sufficient.

2. I turned off and turned on clip-o-tron support in omnifocus::preferences:clippings -that was also insufficient, but, in doing so re-read the note on that settings UI and now I know the keyboard shortcut -which I had forgot.

3. I add some log instructions to the script itself and found out where it was prematurely exiting the script. -that's when I realized I needed to add some emails to the list of allowed emails.

Okay, so this was working and then it stopped. It took a bit of work back and forth with the OF ninja and some work on my own to solve this -for my particular case. I can only think that something happened when I 1. upgraded from OS X 10.6. to 10.7 and/or when an update to OF appeared shortly after 10.7 was released -something in there must have wiped out my list of allowed emails.
I can't seem to get the create action from mail rule to work in Mail 5.1 Lion 10.7.2

The message gets processed by Mail and but in the folder as instructed by OmniFocus but the action does not get added to OmniFocus.

I have tried to re-install the Clip-a-Tron and it works to add mail messages to OmniFocus as normal - but not using mail rules and i desperatly need this for my workflow.
I'm having the same problem. The script doesn't seem to do anything.
Sorry for the trouble! This behavior means that Mail is running the rule, but has decided that it does not need to run the script that does the bulk of the work on the email in question for some reason.

There's as existing thread with some good tips which can be used when troubleshooting this situation; I'll move these posts to that thread in a moment.

If the ideas in the new thread don't get the mail rule working as expected, contact our support ninjas (800.315.6664 or; we'll be happy to investigate this with you.

Last edited by Brian; 2011-10-20 at 11:54 AM.. Reason: clarify language
I tried recreating the mail rule once again from the Omni Focus preferences, and now it seems to be working again.

Last edited by smholmes; 2011-10-22 at 08:33 AM..
I have tried recreating the rule and even re-installing OmniFocus, but the problem persists. Contacted OmniFocus support, hopefully they will be able to figure out what is going wrong.

The problem started on both my computers at the same time after upgrading to 10.7.2 - wondering if it is connected to a Mail upgrade

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