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May I suggest that Omnigroup use the reactions on this page as promotional material? I am almost ashamed to admit that I am as excited as everybody else about the relase of an alpha browser!!
Thank you very much Omni Group! I will be sure to use the ...Send Feedback command. Looks like the known issues list is getting smaller too. Very fast. I don't know what tweaks you make but they sure bury Safari.
It's fantastic so far, my only caveat is the Netflix bug remains.
Yay, finally The favorites menu in Bookmarks menu is FIXED hooray.

Now for me,

1) Visited link colors STILL refuse to change in some web sites (Safari 2&3 have same problem) , one such example is

2) Some pages randomly wont load my style sheet, refreshing some pages, this forums included continue to load a page with out my style sheet.

3) URL Auto Complete, sis still completing based on alphabetical order rather than displaying the main host address first like Safari. If i type " forums.applei " i want the ROOT url ( but OW is always showing a MASSIVE list of URLS of previously read threads, it takes along time to scroll the list just to get the root domain. I want an option so that the BookMark&History Auto Complete returns the ROOT url first, then if i want a specific other url I can scroll the list.

4) Styled buttons, drop down menus, check box's etc are forced upon us by the web designer. I want the option to have pages display ONLY Aqua elements, be this via a preference or some code to enter in my custom style sheet. A simple on/of preference will be preferred.

5) Enhancement- Javascript function 'don't let scripts hide toolbars'

6) Offline Mode like IE that works reliably to use what is in cache when not network connection is available (traveling).

7) Finally, The BIG ONE- HORIZONTAL TAB BAR (with option to rearrange tabs)

I await the future
Thank you! This thing flies!
web inspector is enabled via a default, so if it's not written you won't see the "Inspect Element" option in your context menu.

Open terminal and paste:
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniWeb5 WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true

and then relaunch OmniWeb, to turn it on.

I'll be sure to bring up turning it on by default to Troy ;)

Glad y'all are liking it, though!

Last edited by Rachael; 2007-06-27 at 04:49 PM.. Reason: grammar for the win!
WOO HOO! When it was mid-PM and I saw from the space needle cam that it was nice in the Emerald City I thought you would be heading toward the mountain but lo and behold the sneaky peak cometh. Definitely worth the wait! Have been using Safari 3.0 (I know, pour shame but that CPU issue is a drag) and this thing is definitely on the same pace (AND is OW!).

One thing I noticed (which is the WebKit I know) is that my Spell Catcher program is adding an additional character when it autocorrects (same with the new Safari).

Ok so where exactly is this "Web Inspector" i dont see it in any menu. Secondly, i entered the command line above, and now see the element inspector in the contex menu, so how do i change the font and size?

The web inspector is the window that pops up when you bring select "inspect element" in your context menu. At present there's no way to adjust the font & size of the text in the web inspector. sorry!
minhat: Yeah it's beautiful out here today! :D Headed out the door myself, so have a good night y'all!

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