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I am very much looking forward to being able to use OmniFocus on my iPad.

Like many posters to these forums, I must confess to having become a bit anxious, nay, dare I say, obsessed about the big day of its release.

So I share with you something I did last night that helped me gain a whole new perspective and returned my workflow to a more normal sense of priority:

Watch "2012"!

(Really! It does put this whole thing into a better perspective!)

Best Regards,


P.S. Is it out yet? Let me go check...
The only perspective I would get from that is "Wow... what a crappy movie, that I lost 2.5 hours of my life to... wish I had OmniFocus for the iPad so I could have been productive."

The sad news came from Ken today:

"and we've now passed today's cutoff for launching OmniFocus for iPad. Hopefully we'll get approval tonight so we can launch tomorrow!"

So, May 28th has come and gone and the world still has not come to an end!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone at Omni Group for "keeping vigil" and being so prepared to get your latest and greatest out to us as soon as humanly possible.

Second, given my inability to focus enough to work on some of my bigger projects, I have taken David Allen's advice and used my time "doing" some smaller tasks. As a result, I have discovered that, in fact, my desktop is a beautiful brown laminate!

Tomorrow is another day, the world will not come to an end, and neither will my work. I continue to eagerly anticipate OmniFocus for iPad as a new and exciting tool to help me get it all done!

Best Regards to All, and to All a Good Night!

Another day comes to an end, but the world does not and neither does my work. Here is a late tweet from Ken:

kcase And yes, to be clear, that means OmniFocus for iPad won't launch before 6am tomorrow.
10 minutes ago

Fortunately, today has been and tomorrow will be days off for me, I go back to the parish on Saturday morning. Believe it or not, I have a hard time leaving the parish and my desk full of work behind. Part of GTD is being able to do just that, but it is something that I need to keep working on.

But for tonight I am looking forward to a good cigar, (by the way, don't smoke kids, it's really, really bad for you!), a night out in my yard with my faithful dog Wiley, a good movie streamed to my iPad, (no, not 2012 again!), and a good night's sleep. (Any night's sleep is a good night's sleep when I don't have to set my alarm!)

Tomorrow I look forward to another day off, and hopefully a chance to download and get acquainted with OmniFocus for the iPad, so that when I return to the parish on Saturday the work will go flying off my desk!

By the way, it is a lot more fun being in @waiting with such a great group of GTD/OmniFocus people like all of you on this forum. You have made the time go by a lot faster!

Best Regards,

Threads like this are awesome. You guys rule. :-)
Originally Posted by FrRalphZ View Post

By the way, it is a lot more fun being in @waiting with such a great group of GTD/OmniFocus people like all of you on this forum. You have made the time go by a lot faster!

Best Regards,

'Tis true...I have to admit that I've had fun while participating in the "waiting" game! You all can be just TOO funny...I've "laughed till I've cried"! Have seriously enjoyed myself at the OF for iPad forum!! :):)
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Threads like this are awesome. You guys rule. :-)
@Brian: Thank you for your kind words but you guys at Omni are the ones who rule! I hope you all can get some rest and thanks again for everything you do!

@MissKaren: Thank you for your kind words! We are really becoming a family here, and I am so very happy to be a part of it!

Finished my cigar, brought in the dog, time to turn in. All in all, a very restful day off. Have a great night!

Best Regards,


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