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Here's the feature email I just sent:
I've asked this several times and it's applicable to any platform (mac, iphone, ipad - i have all three).

Again, today, a good example:

I was in a major review with a supplier. I took about 20 action items, each assigned to a particular context (employee or supplier). At the end of the meeting I have this nice list of action items BUT I HAVE NO DECENT WAY TO GET THESE TO EACH OF THE INVOLVED PARTIES!!!

This happens to me all the time. I have to go to great pains when on the road to get subordinates their action items. It is beyond tedious to do all that cut and pasting on an iPhone or iPad to do this. If there are multiple items from a meeting, it's a major project.

This is driving me absolutely nuts. Cultured Code does an excellent job of this in Things. Appigo does an excellent job in ToDo for the iPhone. The *only* think that keeps me from jumping is the number of actions that I currently have in Omnifocus. I do have to tell you that I get closer every time this happens to making the jump.

Please, PLEASE, find a way to make actions email-able out of the application even if it is only a very simple text form - <title>, <Context> etc...

I've been using Omnifocus for quite a while. When the IOS devices went to multitasking, Apple added easy in-app email. This can't be that hard to implement.
Did you know that the iPad app already has support for emailing actions? Tap on an action, then tap on the Send icon (in the top left corner next to the Delete icon) and OmniFocus will generate a nicely formatted email message for that action. (It even has a convenient "Add to OmniFocus" link which the recipient can use to add the task to their own OmniFocus database.)

That said, we're definitely interested in adding richer email support to all editions of OmniFocus. (For example, we'd like to add support for emailing an entire list of actions in one message rather than having to send those actions separately.)
I just did, thanks to a response from the Ninjas. It's pretty nice.

Here's what I passed on to them as well - would be good to be able to do this the same way for a project or a context. Send a list of the open and shown (per that perspective) for that project or context.

Expanding on that, some ways this could be used then:

Project: Action items taken in a meeting could be sent out to all attendees of the meeting.

Context: A list of all actions that are open for that person (context) could be sent to them.

This would be huge to be able to do that. I often take action items during a meeting and then send them out. I also have to track them to closure as follow up for the meeting. This is important stuff for many people, but especially those in sales.

The level of emailing an action is nicely done. Subtle - I missed it (been using this for a week on the iPad). This is a make or break feature for me. Thanks for the followup.

I just want the ability of doing the following:

. Multiselect Tasks and Email them
. Select and Entire Project and Email it

Let me email more than 1 item @ a time. I dread emailing a lot of tasks from the iPad version of OF since it takes so bloody long to do. I find myself wishing Sharing and Editing were as elegant in OF as it is in 2Do on iOS. When I email Tasks from 2Do, the Status of the Task is maintained-ie: I can see completed and incomplete Tasks for the entire history of the Tasks that are shared). It's really sweet.

Ken, check out 2Do sometime on iOS (it's a Universal App). They have a lot of great features in their Task Management app.

Reduce the friction ya know :)

Last edited by policarpo; 2010-12-07 at 09:48 PM..
Ken -

I'm really glad to see that you guys are embracing the concept of being able to transfer and communicate actions to others. That is a huge deal for anyone who manages people or projects where outcomes depend on the action of others.

I thought I'd share an experience I had with this.

In my OF, I keep my subordinates as contexts. We are in a technical business so there are lots and lots of details.

With this applescript, I was able to compile a list of the things that I am depending on my employees to complete. I sent them a list via email of this. Imagine my pleased surprise when they showed up at our staff meeting and reported (from the list) on their status in completing the list. This has done a lot to make sure that actions are well communicated and has really done a lot to get facilitate crisp execution as a company and work group.

Would be even greater if I could have each of them on OF for both mac and iPhone and they could click on these items and it would go right into their own OF file.

While I believe we all want the feature you mention, I have found a way to email projects and context list for the time being. I simply print my iPad screen and then email the photo. For now its getting what I need to someone without sending each action item. Not perfect, but its better than nothing.

Originally Posted by CommaCausi View Post
While I believe we all want the feature you mention, I have found a way to email projects and context list for the time being. I simply print my iPad screen and then email the photo. For now its getting what I need to someone without sending each action item. Not perfect, but its better than nothing.

Several weeks ago, a couple of us collaborated on an applescript to send a list of selected actions as email text.

You can see that here:

You might find that useful. For what it's worth, printing the screen would not work well for me since I expect my subordinates to respond with status on individual actions.


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