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Context sorting on my iphone does not match that the database on my Mac Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
The Contexts on my iPhone no longer are sorting in the same order as those on the database on my Mac. On my Mac they sort as described in an earlier posts.

Originally Posted by danvtim View Post
If projects are sorted project C, project B, project A within contexts the C stuff will be first than the B stuff and then the C stuff.
For some reason on my iPhone, although my Projects are listed in the same order they are on my Mac OF database, the actions in the Contexts listing are no longer in this order. Instead the Projects are out of order, in fact some actions are not even together with the other actions in the same Project. This is very frustrating because at first I thought I was losing actions, but it seems they are all there, but instead in a confusing nonsensical order that is very disconcerting. They are out of order with both "Available" and "Remaining" selected in the Contexts settings.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions for a fix? I've tried to fool around with the settings, to reset and to resync to no avail.
Just wanted to bump this - I too am noticing that items when viewed by context are in a different sort order than on the desktop version.
The sort order appears to be aimed at allowing one quick access to the most important items.

All flagged items, sorted first by due date, then by sidebar project order if no due date present
All unflagged items, sorted first by due date, then by sidebar project order if no due date present

So a flagged item with a due date in the past is going to be at or near the top of the list, and everything with a due date that isn't flagged will be immediately after the flagged items, and finally everything else, ordered the same way you have your projects ordered.

If there's anything to fix here, it might be that producing a similar view on the desktop is difficult or impossible!
whpalmer4: I'm seeing the sort order you described - but only down to the project level. Within a given project, the sort order of individual actions in Context view is not correct (which is how I interpret jt32's post). Here is my situation:

I have 2 repeating projects for my weekly review, one with seven actions and the other with eleven actions. (This is because of the Windows laptop at work and iMac at home situation that many people have.) I do the 7 actions at work on Friday afternoon - all with @laptop context. I then do the 11 actions at home on Sunday evening - all with @Mac context. In Planning/Project view, the seven & eleven actions are in the desired order, all with the same date & time for start and due dates (within each project). From week to week, the correct order is maintained. So far, so good.

However, in the Context view, the actions are mixed up. The seven actions in my Friday review on the laptop are in this order in the @laptop context: 4,3,5,2,7,1,6. The eleven actions in my Sunday review on the iMac are in this order in the @Mac context: 2,5,4,3,11,10,9,7,1,X,6,8. And what is the "X" you ask? It is a SAL action that happens to have the same date & time due!

And finally, your last comment is not correct either in my situation. I get EXACTLY the same sequence for both projects in both contexts on both my iPod Touch and my desktop! The order in Context view is not alphabetical nor any other logic that I can think of, but it is consistent between the two apps. Oh, and yes, both projects are sequential.

So, like jt32, I find this disconcerting - especially when I am trying to perform my weekly review from the Context view and the steps are not in the correct order!

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