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I'm sure the answer to this is in here somewhere, but I can't find it ...

I want a category for actions I've cancelled, but want to keep in the database because they may be useful when a similar job comes around again (most of my actions are to do with contacts).

So I create a "Cancelled" context with status "Dropped", on the expectation I'll just file such actions into this category. That's possible in the Context pane - I can drag and drop. But in the Projects pane, I can't access the "Cancelled" category via the context drop-down or the contextual menu.

I can see the point - if you've got a stack of redundant "dropped" contexts, you don't want them appearing everywhere. But at the same time, it's a bit of a barrier to flexibility. Is there a middle road - a "dropped-but-visible" context mode?

Does putting the context on-hold achieve what you want?
Use the inspector to change the context on multiple selection items.
cyleigh: I consider my "On Hold" actions to be in a different category - they're sort of on the sidelines, ready to be introduced at some point. Dropped actions are those that are out of the picture, but which need to be archived somehow. Will have to consider this.

pjb: I clean forgot about the inspector. Thanks for the reminder. Will experiment.
How are people think about this today? Any workflow magic to suggest?

Personally I miss the option to drop actions.
I'll occasionally set a project to dropped, but if I decide not to do an action, I generally just delete it entirely. I haven't run into a case where I cared enough to want it in the database but not enough to actually do it.
I do the same as Brian. But sometimes, if it's important to keep a record of the action, I just check it off and add a comment explaining the situation in the action's note field.

For me, checking off an action simply means the task was resolved, whether that be actually doing it or coming to the conclusion that it wasn't necessary. Either way, it's taken care of and checking it off indicates this and allows the project to move forward.

I suppose I might use a "drop action" command if it existed, but the distinction between completed and dropped on an action level seems so minute to me that I'm not sure the benefit would outweigh the added complexity.


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I am facing the same dilemma. Checking off an action indicates to me that it was completed. Sometimes there are actions which I haven't done and don't expect to do (so don't want to put on hold). Dropping allows me to periodically go back and see if I want to rethink my decision to drop an action. If I checked off everything that I'm really dropping without completing, I won't have that option. I don't want to change the context or project on dropped items because they are important should I re-activate the action.

I would really appreciate any suggestions. I'm new to OF and trying to plunge right in. Thanks.
I struggle with this as well: sometimes I mark a dropped action as complete, sometimes I just delete it. But I'm not totally satisfied with either approach.

OmniFocus 2 will add support for marking an action as "dropped" or "on hold".
That's great. Am I allowed to ask when we might see OF 2.0? Thx.

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