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Automatic document synchronization? Dropbox integration? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by JohnJ80 View Post
Apple just built a billion dollar data center in NC. My bet is we see this change pretty quickly. They, of all companies, get the cloud and post PC thing.
Apple gets the cloud? As evidenced by what, iDisk, MobileMe, or Ping? Apple gets a lot of things, just not the cloud or mice. I'm hopeful that iCloud is going to be a turning point but we've heard most of Apple's promises before.
According to Wired magazine, Dropbox Left User Accounts Unlocked for 4 Hours Sunday. (June 19th, 2011, for folks who read this later.)

Apparently, you could access any of the accounts on the service by typing in any password at all...
With Apple poised to kill off iDisk it will be an interesting Fall when we see what and how iCloud actually works.
Originally Posted by dude View Post
With Apple poised to kill off iDisk it will be an interesting Fall when we see what and how iCloud actually works.
I will be amused and appalled (again at Apple) if iCloud is not FULLY cross platform. In addition I don't want it to require bloatware or complex install procedures.

Apple used to be the computer for the rest of us. I'm glad that they cater to the pros now but when companies like Dropbox provide such a simple and clean solution while Apple requires iTunes and cumbersome file management mechanics I feel that Apple has made the decision to turn their eye from simplicity.

Apple used to make simple yet powerful software. Now with the iOS it seems they need to sacrifice power for simplicity. It's painful to see as a former Apple fan and one who loves the idea of tablet computing just how poorly Apple is handling iOS. I watch my colleage use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with his Android tablet with full keyboard control if he chooses and think how stupid the iPad looks with no mouse support.

I try to get a refund on an App (that the developer sold to another company and did not offer any existing customers compensation) and am told that the new license agreement that I agreed to specifies that refunds are NOT ALLOWED for any iTunes store purchase under any conditions (including apps, music, movies, etc...). That is not only not nice Apple, but that is hostile to consumers. On an Android device you just say you don't want the app any more from the main menu and it automatically refunds you and removes the app.

And yeah, I know all of the justifications and the down sides of Android tablets. I want Apple to be the best though. Sadly they are not. I have absolutely no faith in iCloud. I hope this is proven unfounded.
Hi there Kan,

Do you have any rough idea of when this feature might be introduced to OO? I will be purchasing OO for iPad soon, now I've finally taken the plunge and bought one.

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't find it anywhere on this thread so far.

Many thanks!
Thanks for choosing OmniOutliner, and welcome to the forums!

Dropbox support is still under consideration, but for the time being we're focusing our attention on iCloud...
I agree with working on iCloud, but don't forget about Dropbox. Many of us need Dropbox very bad.
I just want to be able to open the Dropbox app and pass the file over to OmniOutliner to view it at the very least. Right now since it is a package file (and there's no flat file option like OmniGraffle offers), Dropbox navigates into the folder to show the contents.xml file, instead of allowing me to Open Inů

With the death of MobileMe you guys have to get Dropbox integration solved soon. At least reach out to those guys to get support for the filetype added to Dropbox iOS. I know some users have emailed them on their own, but us users would be better represented by the company itself, considering the situation and the need.
I agree, currently drop box offers no more than OmniSync, as you can mount omni sync on you Mac and save/open as required. OmniSync works far better than DropDav
For now my workflow is broken -- Eventually yes, give me synch however that will work. For now -- it is essential that dropbox work. It doesn't need to synch. Just allow us to get it to the dropbox. I hate hate hate having to mail it. That is so much more difficult than simple dropbox synching. I'm using your Omnisynch server, I like that -- but Dropbox is my one locus. If an app has iCloud AND Dropbox, I turn on Dropbox.

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