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Describe To Me How You Deal with Daily Reoccurring Actions? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
My next action in contexts' list never seems to end! (Which i've learned to accept is a great thing)

I have numerous actions on my NA list (in context view) that pop up daily; the reoccurring daily actions. After appearing there everyday, these actions kinda begin to blend into the background. Some days i'll be on and tackle them all, while other days I may hardly touch any of these reoccurring actions.

Some of these actions include:

1. Perform 20 minutes of Yoga
2. Take Multi-Vitamin & fish oil
3. Perform 100 push-ups program routine*
4. Perform 200 sit-ups program routine*
5. Perform 200 squats program routine*
6. Go to the Gym*
7. Interview 3 People For Sociology Project
8. Etc

* 3-6 are every other day


For the longest time i've just had them there in Omnifocus but check this site out I just discovered today:

I like this. But... This "Joe's" website isn't something that's right up front for me to see everyday. The 2 things I do frequently look at are OmniFocus and my iCal (synced with Gcal too). So I'm leaning towards some sort of method, some sort of implementation with my calendar to be able to see the things I do and don't get done with these reoccurring actions. I just wanted to express a bit on what direction I'm leaning with regards to honing this aspect of productivity...

...But I'm also very curious as to the methods you may implement yourself. It's always beneficial to garner and throw some ideas around...and truth be told, I'm all ears in attempting to help out this aspect of productivity.
One thing I've found helpful with this sort of thing is a tickler list perspective that will show me the actions starting today. Context mode, grouped by start date, all groups except starting today closed. I've also got an urgent perspective that shows me the stuff that is due today, and I'll bounce back and forth between the two as I try to make sure that everything due today (or yesterday, or last week, or ...) gets done today and as much as possible anything that starts today gets done. I use the growl notification scheme, so I'll get a notification as those items become newly available as well. I find that this gives me enough of a nudge for most of the daily repeating stuff to have a fighting chance to become an ingrained habit.
I use OmniFocus to create habits. Habits are routines that happen automatically and instinctively.

I would rely on OF to remind myself to do a daily next action. I keep it on OF for as long as I need to form this habit until it becomes second nature.

When I wake up in the morning, I already know to do my Daily Review. I don't really need this in OF because it became an automatic habit. I don't even have to think twice about it.

At 5:30 pm, I automatically know that my workday is coming to close and I make sure that I don't schedule any appointments during this time to do an end-of-day review and prepare my desk with projects for the next day.

On the occasional days where I cannot avoid an appointment during 5:30 pm, I create an iCal reminder at an earlier time to do my end-of-day review.

For my workout routine, I don't enter OF next actions. I just use iCal to create a workout schedule. I already know that I have blocked out my time for my workout.

For certain daily actions, I create a separate OmniOutliner outline with checkboxes to remind myself to go through certain steps.

My Daily Review checklist closely emulates the steps in David Allen's GTD book with a couple of twists that are specifically for me.

After a certain next action becomes a habit, I'll usually eliminate it from OmniFocus altogether.

Weekly habits are also automatic. I already know that Sunday is my family day and block out any other appointments except time for my family on that day.

I usually use OF to remind myself of Next Actions that aren' quite so common such as quarterly reviews, mowing the lawn (once a month), etc.
I'll second @wilsonng on this: work towards building habits; work towards not needing a reminder for those tasks you want to do every day at a certain time.

After all, do you need a reminder for you to brush your teeth in the morning? You don't, because it became a habit. Building habits takes time, practice, and perseverance.

Hi HappyDude,

You might want to consider shortening your next action list by pacing some projects on hold or on a someday maybe list.

Ask yourself why you are skipping over actions, are you really committed to them?

If you find that you are committed to all your actions a "Daily" or "Routines" context, reviewed daily, might help.

- Exercise
- Take vitamins


I use the process described in this thread...HTH
Leo Babauta's Zen Habits is an offshoot of GTD and one of his mantras is:

One habit at a time.

He argues that GTD is very complex and we all try to adopt too many of the GTD habits all in one time. He suggests that we should focus on one habit and keep up the routine until it becomes second nature. Then work on the second habit for X days/weeks/months until that habit goes on auto-pilot.

I know that I tried to adopt GTD all in one shot and failed miserably. By focusing on one piece or one habit, I know that it will become ingrained in me over time and will last longer.

Kinda like kickin' the smoking habit..... One step at a time....

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