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Hello, sorry if I missed something but i think something is missing. Today project and context have 3 stadium active, on hold and dropped. It would be great if those "stadium could be availbable on task for it is usefull to hold a task sometime and letting it in the projet or in the context instead of dropping it in a special hold projet or context.
You lost me. What's a stadium? and how is it active, on hold and dropped?
Perhaps you mean statuses?
Good morning,

yes, “Stadium” is German for “Status”.

I don’t know whether it would make things easier or more complicated for me to be able to change the status of individual actions. Right now, for me, if the next action is on hold, so is the project. After all, I can’t do anything for the project. And why should I put an action on hold that’s later in the sequence? It’s not even available yet, so …

But then, perhaps I misunderstood GTD. Does the book go into the topic of states for actions?

Yes. The book does go into this a bit.

OF is doing a straightforward implementation of GTD when it comes to status. Dropped and On Hold are intended to remove projects (and their associated tasks) from day-to-day consideration. They are not deleted; only hidden.

To perform a review of your On Hold projects:
  1. change perspectives to the Planning Mode
  2. edit your view
  3. switch the project list filter from Active to On Hold
I also would very much like tasks to have a status that could be marked as active/on hold/dropped. Such a status is probably most meaningful in "Single Action" projects, although one might have a need to mark any task in any project as "dropped". (For more discussion see

I am currently marking "on hold" tasks with a "Pause" context, and mark this context as "on hold". (Contexts in OF can be marked as "on hold".) I can then easily filter these tasks out from my view. This definitely works, but it means losing the orginal context of the task. Recalling the original context when I "un-pause" the task is generally not an issue, but can sometimes take a little more effort than desired.

I guess I would ask why the task is on hold? Are you waiting for a response from a co-worker? If so, insert a task before this one saying "Get info from Joe" and put that in a "Joe" context, or a "waiting" context. Or maybe it's on hold because it can't be done until a certain date. In that case, give it a start date. "Buy concert tickets" gets a start date of the day the tickets go on sale.
Lizard -

I often need some way of selecting some but not all tasks in a single action list as well. This could be done as suggested, or (gasp) allowing priorities.

The reason is straightforward - many of my single action lists have 10 to 20 items on them. For instance my "admin" tasks (check email, sort papers, return headset, return switch, unsubscribe to google checkout, submit timesheet...) right now sits at 20 actions.

I have always prioritized my task lists into four buckets - must do today; do today if time is available; not for today; not for this week. The latter two could collapse into an "on hold" classification, but I don't find it easy to filter down to the 3 admin actions I must take today; the 3 I'll do if time's available, and not see the remaining 14. What I've done is to create two single action lists - admin today and admin not today, and set the review to daily - but this is sort of a kludge.

(And unfortunately between my personal, church, and work top-level folders (or areas of my life) there are probably 6 different single action lists that are like this.)

So that's sort of a "use case" for some way to classify actions.

BTW, as another use case, at the end of the review process, I have perhaps 30 work and 30 personal projects; some of which are parallel and some sequential. Looking at remaining actions gives me somewhat of an overwhelming list. My usual mode of working is to print out the silly thing and mark with a red pen the ones I'm going to work on first. Simple priorities would help me select between the actions available to me; I can't simply use "next action" because I have a number of parallel projects, and next action simply picks the task that happens to be on top.
Another instance of wanting actions able to be put on hold is the weekend/workweek distinction. There are somethings that, if I don't get them done this weekend, they'll wait until next weekend. Or work things that if I don't get them done this M-F, they'll wait until next. I suppose the later I could take care of by putting the context on hold (I think you can do that) but I have single action lists at home that would benefit by having that control over actions. Everything on the list doesn't have to wait, but there are things that I just won't tackle during the week...and they haunt me. And since they're not really date specific, I hesitate to give them a start date of next weekend.
One helpful tip for these work/home distinctions: perspectives remember which projects are in focus. I have a Non-Work perspective that focuses on all my folder, except my Work folder. I use that perspective on Saturdays when I don't allow myself to do Work work. Similarly, you could have just some of your Single Action Lists included in a perspective, making it easy to focus on just the projects and action lists that you want at a particular time.


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