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Applescript to create Inbox Items from Adium Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I use Adium a lot for communications at work. This inevitably leads to a good amount of action items appearing for me in the chat window. As I could not locate an easy way, through the keyboard, to select the chat history and be able to select all of it and then create an inbox item without a lot of mousing around. This script queries the front chat window, captures the history for that chat for the day and sends it over to Omnifocus as a new inbox item. I have fast script set up so I can just use a hotkey to create an ibox from the chat window. I am posting this as others might find this valuable and if anyone has suggestions/ideas/code to share around this I would appreciate it.

NOTE: I was unable to upload this file, perhaps there is an issue with the file extensions, therefore the script is included in this post.

For those of you unfamiliar with AppleScript I can offer the following advice.

Set up ApplesScript Directories if you have not done so before:
If you have never used AppleScript before then you will likely need to create a few directories first. To do this you can use either Finder or the terminal window.

Navigate to your home directory and then to the Library folder
Create a new folder here Titled "Scripts" (DO NOT use the quotation marks)
Within this folder create a new folder Titled "Applications"
Within this folder create a new folder Titled "Adium"
from a terminal window:
cd ~; mkdir -p Scripts/Applications/Adium

Insure Adium is maintaining chat History:
Insure Adium is maintaining chat history. This is necessary as this script utilizes the chat history as the source of the information that will be added to the new Inbox Item as a note.

Select Adium->Preferences from the menu
Select the General section
Insure that Log Messages is selected

Enable AppleScript in the Menu Bar:
Go to Applications->Utilities and open AppleScript Editor. Select AppleScript Editor->Preferences
Under General:
Select Show Scripts in Menu Bar
Sekect Show Computer Scripts

Add the Script:
If AppleScript editor is not open, navigate to Applications->Utilities and select Applescript Editor this should open a new Window.
Paste the script at the end of this post into the open window
Select File->Save As and provide a name (I used "New Inbox Item" for this)
Note you should place this in the HOME/Library/Scripts/Applications/Adium directory
Leave the type as Script
You may now close the AppleScript Editor

Create an inbox entry:
Within adium when you have a chat window open with whatever messages constitute the information you want in your inbox item.
go to the menu bar (This will be an icon on the right side of the top menu bar)
You should see the name of the script from the previous step ('New Inbox Item' if you used the recommended name). Click this.
You should hear a beep and you should see a new item in your inbox from this chat session

What the script does:
This script gets the front window/chat from Adium and determines the account (your account) and the person you are chatting with.
This script gets the current date/time
This script goes to the chat history directory and looks for directories for the current date from this account and the person you are chatting with
This script parses the chat history files (in oreder based on time) and create a new inbox entry

What the script lacks:
The script currently uses the alias of the person you are chatting with and the current date/timestamp from the last messages as the name of the new inbox item.
The date/time is not parsed into a pretty format
The parsing code for the chat history is very simplistic and hard coded to expect a simple <Message> entry
The likelihood that this might have problems with date/time transitions (such as near midnight) is definitely possible
The likelihood that the message format in the chat history XML is more flexible than this script expects is very likely (and hence an error would be returned)
The likelihood that a laungauge outside of american, southern to be explicit, might cause this to fail exists

Well that's a lot of potential's. It does, however, work in the very limited testing that I have done. I will, open a post, attempt to rectify issues/improve this within my means. If you include a URL where good doc on Applescript/Adium/etc that would be appreciated.
Also, and more important, post a copy of your chat history file(s) for the user/date in question. You can remove all message text/replace with characters (in the same locale) so that you are not posting anything confidential/private.

Here is the script:

-- A very simple way to transform the current date into YYYY-MM-DD format
on date_format(old_date)
set {year:y, month:m, day:d} to date old_date
set tm to m as integer
set dy to d as integer
if dy < 10 then
set ds to "0" & dy as string
set ds to dy as string
end if
if tm < 10 then
set ts to "0" & tm as string
set ts to tm as string
end if

set result to ((y as string) & "-" & ts & "-" & ds)
return result
end date_format

-- Determine the current date
set cleandate to date_format(date string of (current date))

-- Establish an empty buffer for the note text
set outputString to ""

-- Get Adium to tell us who we are chatting with, the account, etc.

tell application "Adium"
set theChat to the active chat
set theName to the name of theChat
set theAccount to the account of theChat
set theAccountName to the name of theAccount
set theDisplayName to the display name of theAccount
set theService to the service of theAccount
set theServiceName to the name of theService
end tell

-- The work Dir is based on the service, account (us) and who we are chatting with
set theworkDir to "Library:Application Support:Adium 2.0:Users:Default:Logs:" & theServiceName & "." & theAccountName & ":" & theName

-- Get the Home Directory (Likely easier ways to accomplish)
tell application "Finder"
set startingPath to path to home folder
end tell

-- Now we have the full path to use with Finder
set theDirectory to (startingPath as string) & theworkDir

-- Now get the finder to get the list of directories (and therefore files)
tell application "Finder"
set itemGroup to sort (get every file of the folder theDirectory whose name contains cleandate) by creation date
set startNum to length of itemGroup

set outputString to ""
set correctaliasname to ""

repeat with theIncrementValue from length of itemGroup to 1 by -1
set groupItem to item theIncrementValue of itemGroup

set itemname to the name of groupItem
set theFullDirectory to theDirectory & ":" & itemname

set Pos to length of itemname

set theShortName to characters 1 thru (Pos - 7) of itemname as string

set theFileName to theFullDirectory & ":" & theShortName & "xml"

tell application "System Events"
set xml_data to contents of XML file theFileName --the_file
tell xml_data to set level_1 to XML element 1
tell xml_data to set level_2 to XML elements of level_1
tell xml_data to set data_count to count level_1
tell xml_data to set data_count2 to count level_2
repeat with theElementValue from 1 to data_count2
tell xml_data to set work_element to XML element theElementValue of level_1
tell current application
if name of work_element contains "message" then
tell xml_data to set aliasname to «class valL» of «class xmla» "alias" of work_element
tell xml_data to set sendername to «class valL» of «class xmla» "sender" of work_element
tell xml_data to set timename to «class valL» of «class xmla» "time" of work_element
tell xml_data to set gomore to the count of every «class xmle» of work_element
tell xml_data to set work_elementdiv to «class xmle» 1 of work_element
tell xml_data to set gomore2 to the count of every «class xmle» of work_elementdiv

if gomore2 > 0 then
tell xml_data to set work_elementspan to «class xmle» 1 of work_elementdiv
set outputString to outputString & "
" & timename & " - (" & aliasname & ") from (" & sendername & ") :: " & «class valL» of work_elementspan

set outputString to outputString & "
" & timename & " - (" & aliasname & ") from (" & sendername & ") :: " & «class valL» of work_elementdiv
end if

end if
end tell
end repeat

end tell

end repeat
end tell

set taskName to theName & " - " & timename
tell application "OmniFocus"
tell quick entry
set newTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:taskName, note:outputString}
select {inbox task 1}
end tell
end tell

tell application "Adium"
end tell

Last edited by RussBlaisdell; 2011-01-05 at 11:50 AM..
Wow, that's pretty cool, Russ - thanks for uploading this! I'm not aware of a file naming restriction, but I'll poke around and see if I can find a setting to tweak.

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