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Action titles look sloppy, should be indented! [Intended as feature; see thread.] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
At the price charged, I expect the UI design to be tailored for the device on which the software runs. ... I certainly wouldn't want to be forced to use a crippled UI on my iPad for consistency with a small screen device I didn't own!
Whpalmer Johnson (Blazing Saddles) is right

I think it's a massive credit to Omni's developers that rather than just recoding what's on the Mac or iPhone, they've gone back to first principles and tried to make the most of the iPad's screen.

At first, the right justification on tasks jarred a little with me, but I'll be honest I don't even notice it now, what I would notice is if I got to the 4th level of indentations and was getting 15 characters on an action title, and it wouldn't surprise me if some people using it had more levels than myself.

We must also remember that while OF for iPad is an expensive app, it's no beta version. the first version which when released was pretty solid and Omni are listening to see how it was received.

Omni are a rare company which is well run and listens to people and (where it fits their own ideals) will move with what the majority want to provide a better product. Omni listen to customers and provide an excellent level of support, this is what you're paying for in the end. if you buy an app for 20% of the price, are you going to get the same level of customer support? I doubt it.

If you don't like the product, claim your 30 day refund, but don't for a minute think that Omni have just 'missed' this or badly designed the UI, I have no doubt that there was a lot of thought put into it.

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every 3-4 months, I am trying to use OmniFocus ... I fail and go back to Things. In Things I miss a lot features so I try Omnifocus again :-).

So now I am working again with Omnifocus and after watching the videos posted lately on the website, I guess I am starting to finally understand the concepts of this whole thing :-).

Back to topic:
In overall I like the Omnifocus for iPad-App BUT ... since the release of this app ... the Actions are displayed in a very strange / weird way in my opinion. The actions have always the width of the root folder .... doesn't matter if the belong to some sub-folders/projects or not. It is kinda really confusing to me ... are there any plans to change it?

It sounds like you are talking about this:

Like Brian said, the model of a file cabinet drawer describes it pretty well. The tabs on the folder move back and forth depending on organization, but the paper inside always starts in the same place, right?
I mean this one ->

The action is wider then the expl Proj it belongs to. If it would be in another folder e.g. the action would be anyway as wide as the root folder.
Yes, that's what I was talking about. It is intentional. Consider the combination of a deeply nested action (remember, you can have folders inside folders, and actions inside actions) and a lengthy action name. Indented in a more traditional fashion, one wouldn't be able to see much of the action name. The current behavior always gets you the fullest possible display of the action name, regardless of where the containing project is located.
Ohh I see okay.

I don't really like this view .. looks confusing to me. Anyway .. thanks for the info :-)
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