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Thought I might as well post something relevant too...

Clicking the scrollbar triangles/empty scrollbar area in the Fonts and Smiley menus of the post entry field makes it disappear rather than scrolling the list.

Last edited by JKT; 2006-03-23 at 02:15 PM..
It's true! Also, it doesn't happen in from r12177 so this is OmniWeb specific. Bad OmniWeb!
I want to be able to easily get into and out of the forum. I don't want to have to remember which username/password combination I need to use. I figured out that we need one combo to get in and then yet another to log in to the forum. I saved the first combo in my keychain. But my forum name and password aren't being remembered.

It's my understanding with how I use other sites with names and passwords that I don't tell the site to remember them. OW does it for me in my keychain. But in playing with this forum, I haven't been asked to save that combo. Is that a OW5.5sp1 bug?

I'd like a cancel on this Reply to Thread page. Pressing Back isn't Cancel. But at least I realized that Post Reply gives me the bigger window.
I was about to say the passwords issue is a known bug, but looking at the release notes again, I'm not so sure. This entry is the one I'm thinking of:

Autofill doesn't fill in usernames/passwords or present AutoComplete options
Another one - though this is also present in WebKit 12177 - try putting the insertion cursor into the search field. As soon as I click it, the pop-up search dialogue disappears.

Hey Beth... Unfortunately, the login code for vBulletin does some stuff that means WebKit sees the password field as blank when you submit the form.

(This is because they have some JavaScript that runs when you submit the form which takes your password out of the password field, turns it in to an md5 hash, and sticks it into a hidden field before everything is submitted.)

You can work around this by being logged out, viewing the page source, finding the login form (search for "login form") and then at the end of the form remove the last couple of hidden fields, then Redisplay the page. Now, enter your username and password and when you login we should prompt to save the info and it will also be autofilled for you when you come back.

I've been working with Rachael to see if we can get around this type of thing in OmniWeb by looking at the form information before everything is submitted, but the default WebKit API has only one delegate for this type of thing and that's what we're using. Unfortunately, it's not actually called until after the onsubmit JavaScript is run.

You might also be able to work around this by temporarily turning off JavaScript and logging in... no idea if that will work though.
Thanks, Scott. I did the source edit thing, and OW is now remembering the name and password. I've been in and out of the forum and in and out of OW as well without saving the edited source, and it still remembered.

By the way, I didn't need the outer name and password. I guess you removed that.
The "quick reply" option at the bottom of the threads does not seem to function at all in SP1 either.

vBulletin has a pile of issues like the ones mention above. I used to be a member of a forum that used vBulletin, but its lack of support for Mac browsers made it enough for me not to use it.

As I mention in the email list, I prefer Simple Machines to vBulletin. It's from the creators of YaBB (SE, CGI, PHP...) but they started over and built a forum using more modern techniques. They tout W3 standards compliance.
To quick reply you need to click the Paper and pencil button to the right of the Quote button for the post that you are replying to (for the benefit of people reading it in threaded mode - this will keep your response in the right location instead of adding it to the wrong thread). This then makes the Quick reply field editable for you to enter your text.
LOL. It's been a bit since I used vBulletin. It didn't used to be that way... and I didn't read the text in the box, obviously.

Another bug I'm seeing is the new posts button doesn't always return new posts. I was trying it a minute ago and it was returning all threads.

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