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On many news articles I am getting some words double-underlined and they pop open when moused over. This does not happen in FireFox or Safari. They never show up in those Browsers, only in OmniWeb.

Any ideas anyone???

It's a form of advertising called "in-text" advertising. If you enable the "block inline content from third party sites" setting in OmniWeb's preferences, I *think* that'll block them. (I have that setting turned on, at least, and I haven't been seeing these sorts of ads in OmniWeb.)
Okay, as I was tweaking my ad-blocking settings, I noticed that I had "vibrantmedia\.com" on my "don't load content from" list. That's the company that provides all those text ads, if I remember correctly.
Thanx Brian, but that didn't help anything. They're still there.

vibrantmedia/.com <----- this is what I blocked.
Brian, don't feel bad as they are now popping up in Safari and Camino too. Only FireFox 3.6.11 with the "NoScript" extension is immune from these annoying "mouse-over" pop-ups, at least for now that is.
There are a few services that create these, which site are you seeing them on?
Troy Brandt
Omni Person
LCPGuy, you'll want to flip that slash around - the "\" character has a specific meaning in regular expressions. (Specifically, it means "the character that follows me is actually that character, not whatever it would normally mean in a regex.")

In case it helps, it appears I'm also blocking "intellitxt\.com" and "kontera\.com", which are two other companies delivering that kind of advertising. There may be others - I have a pretty long URL blacklist.

If you hover over the links with OmniWeb's status bar visible, though, you can usually get an idea of where the links go and add them to your block list.
Originally Posted by troyb View Post
There are a few services that create these, which site are you seeing them on?
Mainly on anything that Yahoo News points to. And also on news articles linked to by WND. Also, many articles linked to from the DrudgeReport. Usually, they are from the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Jerusalem Post, etc.

But why does that matter? Why is it that only FireFox is immune from these annoyances? FireFox with NoScript plugin I should say. Havenít tried FF without it.

Still love OmniWeb, just wish it did better in the Security Arena. I wish Safari did too. But alas, in these days of "Internet Rape" only FF stands alone, I guess... Hmmm...

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