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Siri + OmniFocus [Siri support added in OmniFocus for iPhone v1.13] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Nothing that a better email provider wouldn't fix! Yahoo doesn't support the +<stuff> option in delivery to yahoo addresses (and they are lousy in other ways, too, in my experience). Gmail works much better.
Gmail definitely allows +omnifocus, but I did a _lot_ of testing this week (so far) regarding Mail activating/not activating the applescript attached to the mail rule, and it doesn't always seem to work. When I send from Gmail's web interface to (not real address, of course), it works! When I send from to, it doesn't.

The applescript doesn't even get called, so it looks like it might be a problem isolated entirely within Mail.

Work in progress..
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Nothing that a better email provider wouldn't fix! Yahoo doesn't support the +<stuff> option in delivery to yahoo addresses (and they are lousy in other ways, too, in my experience). Gmail works much better.
AH HA! Ok. I've switched it to my lesser used gmail account and it worked like a champ. I hate gmail with a passion and rarely use it for more than a junk filter.

Well, it worked the first time anyway. AT&T suddenly seems unable to send a test message to an email account. Figures.
aaaaannnnd now it's working again. :)
Note that you don't have to use the gmail account for anything else in fact, it might be better if you don't have anything else configured to download messages from it, to eliminate the chance of the message being marked read before the mail rule gets run (which would make it not run when Mail did finally process the message).
Originally Posted by derekr View Post
Added a few votes for Siri integration (if it were to be made available for third-party developers) to our database. I'd encourage anyone else who'd like to see that email us here.
+1 for Siri Integration

Doesn't seem to work when the iphone uses iMessage service to send to an email address. I tried sending myself a text from my email account and then replying back using sms and it worked fine. Not sure how to force it to use sms? Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks, Jan
Regarding the above, when I went to my iPad I noticed the messages I sent to my gmail acct from my phone were picked up by iMessage on my iPad. That gmail acct is also my apple id so thats why but I'm not sure how to fix this problem now.
Thanks blackketter, I changed mine to just email and not using SMS, and this works like a charm. I had to configure my email server to understand my email address as "pete+omnifocus@" and have that email get delivered to "pete@", and it works just fine.

For those that weren't clear by the instructions, I did this:

1) Turn on the mail rule in OF, checking for +omnifocus in the email
2) Setup my email server to make sure emails sent to "pete+omnifocus@" made it to my email address called "pete@". Note that gmail users probably don't have to worry about this, since +anything on your email address gets auto-delivered to your gmail box.
3) Setup an address book entry for "Omni Focus", with the email address as "pete+omnifocus@"
4) Launch Siri, and say "Email Omni Focus"
5) Grin madly!

Welcome Siri to OmniFocus! Buh bye Evernote! I finally don't need you...

Originally Posted by blackketter View Post
I used OmniFocus on the Mac and the email rule setting along with an address book entry to make it easy for Siri to create OmniFocus items. Now I can say something like this to Siri:

"Tell Omnifocus Pick Up Books At Library"

And it works.

Here's what I did:

1. In OmniFocus on the Mac, use the OmniFocus Preferences to turn on a Mail rule, allowing for the from address in emails sent through the AT&T SMS gateway (in the form

2. Double check the new email rule in the Mail Preferences

3. Create a contact with the first name "Omni" and last name "Focus" (it had a hard time when I created a contact with the name "omnifocus". Set the email address for that contact to be

Thus, when you say "tell omnifocus" to Siri, it'll create a text message to send to that address, which in turn, when received, will trigger the mail rule to create an omnifocus item. It's a little bit convoluted, but doesn't require AppleScript hacking and works well for me so far.

Hopefully, the geniuses at Omni Group will come up with a more elegant and general solution soon, but in the mean time this will do.

p.s. If you don't want to use SMS, you could also say to Siri: "Email Omnifocus..." but this requires an extra step to fill out the email message body.

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