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What I mean is that I've got an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac with OmniFocus installed on each. The state I've managed to get myself into is that I have a couple of items present on my iPhone & iPad that are missing from my Mac app OmniFocus and I have a bunch of changes on my Mac app (mostly a lot of context and due date changes) that do not seem to be propagating to to the iPad and iPhone apps. While I would just like this to all work itself out I've gone through and synced all three a couple of times and the changes just don't seem to be moving so I assume I've stomped on my changes as I've read about in another thread. So two things.

First, how do I make one the master (probably the Mac app) and force it's changes onto the other two? I'm assuming that I could delete the applications from my iPhone and iPad and reinstall. However, how do I ensure that their data is blown away from the OmniSyncServer so that I just don't end up back in this condition when I reinstall the applications.

Second, if I understand what I read in another thread ( the changes are only at tracked at the action level. Is it the case that all of my attribute changes to due date and context aren't propagating because they are at a level that does not propagate?
On the Mac
Under the file menu
"Replace Server Database..."
Sorry for the confusion, Jason! You can use the method DSpearman mentions to initiate a sync reset. Once you do that, the other devices will notice that the databases don't match up any more and ask you which to use.

Since you pushed the data from your Mac up to the server, you'll want to tell each of the other devices to use its version of your data. From there out, you'll be back in sync.

Clarification: changes are tracked at a very low level - it's only when multiple devices have tried to edit the same item in the database that the higher-level conflict resolution kicks in.

If you're worried about conflicting edits causing what you're seeing, I'd suggest a workflow where you use OmniFocus on your devices in a round-robin manner for a bit, syncing both devices when you switch from one to another.

If you sync device A as you switch away from it, and then sync device B, you'll ensure that everything you did on the last device is sent to the new one before you start editing more stuff. This reduces the chance for a sync conflict to a bare minimum.

(One thing I do is grab my phone and initiate a sync as I walk from my office to whatever meeting I'm going to next. This ensures that the sync's done before I arrive and my device has up-to date info when I need it.)

Hope that helps!
One helpful tactic is to add an item to the Inbox on one of the devices. Now sync all of the devices, syncing the one where the Inbox item was added first. After doing so, all of the devices should now have that new item. If they do, you know that sync is propagating changes successfully. The way the sync works, it isn't possible to get that last item without having gotten all of the earlier changes. You can also check the Show Clients display in the Sync preferences on the Mac to make sure that the other clients have successfully synced; if they appear to sync without trouble, but the client display shows they didn't sync today, they may not be syncing to the same place.

If a change still doesn't seem to be present, the next thing to check is that your view settings aren't preventing you from seeing it. Tap the eyeball icon and select All Actions, or use the All Items perspective if on the Mac.

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