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OmniFocus, Siri and Reminders - AGAIN! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
iPhone 4S (obviously) :-)
Siri (with an annoying English Male voice)
OmniFocus (latest and greatest)

OK, I'm new here, but I have been around the block a few times so know my way around software bugs (aka: "Undocumented Features") and this syncing issue is really annoying me.

Everything is set up as it should be and my first Siri reminder went into the Apple Reminders app (as it should) and was then picked up by OmniFocus when I opened it - so far, so good.

I then added another reminder and .... nada, nothing. It went into the Apple Reminders app (Reminders) and there it stayed, no matter what I did.

I then forced OmniFocus to shut down and restarted it, and presto! It went into the right place.

Now, I'm no genius, but I don't think it should work like this ...

My guess is that the Reminders->OF functionality is fragile. I don't think Apple provides a documented, supported way to take Reminders attached to a specific calendar, and to grab them. So Omni Group gets it working, and then Apple tweaks something and it breaks again. Omni fixes it, gets the new software up there, and then it breaks again.

I think Omni group is doing the best they can, to give users the features they want. But Apple isn't officially supporting this, so if they make changes to enhance the service, stuff breaks. Nobody's fault really, and nobody really to get angry at, but from the fact that this has broken 3-4 times it's my gut this is what's going on. The Omni folks have enough software development experience to get this working reliably, if there were an official API to do so, I figure.
Ken commented in the Omni Mouth about this feature:

Tasks you enter with Siri are initially added to the Reminders app, that’s expected. Until OmniFocus for iPhone sees and captures those tasks, they’ll stay in Reminders: this means you’ll always receive timely Siri reminders on your device, either from the Reminders app or from OmniFocus (once it has a chance to capture them).

Reminders may sync your tasks with iCloud immediately, but sometimes not—that part isn’t within our control. Once Reminders does sync with iCloud, OmniFocus has the opportunity to capture those tasks—which OmniFocus will try to do each time you open it. For more details about this process and some troubleshooting advice, please see the Tips & Tricks for Siri -> OmniFocus capture thread on our forums.
Reading Ken's comment and the aforementioned thread, I see two potential reasons why you didn't see an immediate capture of your reminder:

1) iCloud hasn't gotten the info from the Reminders app and thus can't give it to OmniFocus (not under Omni's control)
2) OmniFocus only captures when it becomes the active app

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