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Sync error - missing and reverted data Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I wanted to see if you're currently aware of any sync issues that result in items that were processed already being reverted to inbox items in their original state. This happens to me occasionally (around once or twice per month). I use OmniFocus on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
Sometimes I'll have everything synced (or at least I think I do) then I process my whole inbox (~20-50 items). Some things get deleted, others changed, due dates added, etc.

I think everything's good, but then I'll sync my iPhone or iPad (which still has all the unprocessed inbox items, and maybe one or two extra one added). Then, the next time I sync my Mac I end up back at the same inbox I was before... Items that were deleted during inbox processing are back, and items that were changed and moved to other projects etc are back in the inbox in their original state (and no longer in the project they were assigned to, no changes to name or due date).

I'm not sure if this is an edge case with a corrupt database or some kind of rare bug, but I wanted to make sure you are aware of it and see if you have any tips so I can avoid it in the future.

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It looks like a Support Ninja already replied to your email, but for the sake of anyone else encountering this...

Yes, we're aware of the issue and are looking into it. (Initial diagnosis suggests it's going to be a fair bit of work, unfortunately...)

Since the issue seems to be specific to the inbox, one (admittedly clumsy) workaround would be to create a Single Action List to use as your inbox instead.

same happened to my form time to time.

I'm using the Omnisync server.
I think it has to do when I do a snyc with a device which wasn't synced for a while.

I have 3 devices:
Mac, iphone and iPad

I think I did a Inbox modification on the MAC, but didn't press the cleanup.
After a few hours I came back to my Mac, and the data is in the old state.
This happens to me quite frequently. Happy to see that it's at least identified as a problem (In the past I've had tech support look into this and it seemed they genuinely weren't aware of the issue). In the interim, if all devices haven't been synced I try to not add anything to the inbox

It's quite frustrating having to think if my laptop, tower, iphone and ipad are up to date before just jotting down a quick reminder note. I really hope they can fix this!
I've never seen this behavior, but it's not because all my devices are always in sync. I wonder if the fact that my Inbox almost never gets completely empty might be part of the reason why. I'm tossing things into the Inbox from all the devices, and I process things out of the Inbox on all the devices. I usually sync a device when I start using it and when I make a conscious decision to stop using it, but generally, one or more devices are not in sync. It does suggest that there may be work patterns which are more likely to run afoul of this problem. Or maybe I live a charmed life :-)
I can attest this morning that this bug is definitely still here. 29 items in my inbox that I already sorted through and filed yesterday, and I will have to do that again today. Very frustrating Omnigroup!
It's certainly still there, they haven't changed any of the sync code. The fix requires new versions of all 3 apps, so the announced plan is to hold off until after OmniFocus 2 ships.

As big of a win as OmniFocus 2 might be for many users (myself included), I still think that fixing the sync bug should have taken priority. How are you supposed to use it as a "trusted system" when you know that it cannot always be trusted to keep your data as you left it?
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
"trusted system"
+1 for using anything David Allen says :)

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